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Scanning Pictures

Wow, Scanning pictures. Sounds like what someone did in 1998 when scanners first came out… However, i spent a good 5 hours yesterday scanning hundreds of pictures. It was a cool blast from the past, and my attempt to get all my (or a lot of my) pictures in one place (flickr). Most of these are “private”, but here are a few!

Here are 4 for your enjoyment.

Jackson Hole, January 2005, Virginia Tech Snowboard Club, Chris and Travis

My first snowboarding trip ever in January 2004 at Massanutten with Marsh, Travis and Chris

Back in High School, I was good at sports and used to win awards with Richard and Semere

Last May, Kristen and I got to go snorkeling in Cozumel Mexico!

Catching up with some pictures…

First I was at Mount Rushmore…

Then somewhere on my way to beartooth pass….

And Beartooth Pass (AMAZING)…

Then I was in Yellowstone National Park where there were tons of Bison…

More yellowstone…

and more…

Now I am in Glacier National Park:

I was in…

KOA in Livingston, MT

Neihart, MT

Choteau, MT

Broken Backcountry

Well, I didn’t end up hiking in the backcountry tonight. I was heistant about hiking 20 miles alone in grizzly bear country, the weather is completely dreary, and mom asked I didn’t. She didn’t cause dad got into a biking accident, along with just caring for my safety. He flipped the bike and messed up his right elbow, broke some ribs? and fractured a vertebrae or two? Not exactly sure on the exact details, but I got to talk to him tonight, which was great. We were worried he broke his femur (thigh bone) but luckily that is just heavily bruised. Lesson goes… WEAR YOUR HELMET… He did too, and that’s probably why he will heal. Heard that his helmet was broken all to pieces, so thankfully that took most of the impact. Crazy time. I’m hoping he will do a full recovery but it sounds like it’ll be painful here for a while.

I’m in Livingston Montana after checking out Yellowstone for my last day today. Heading up to Glacier National Park tomorrow 🙂

Got to see old faithful, do white water rafting on the yellowstone river, hike to Osprey Falls, and hang out.

Love you Dad!

Top of Beartooth Pass… Quite possibly my favorite road…

Old Faithful Strikes again!


So, I made it to Yellowstone last night after a FULL day of driving. Beartooth pass on the northeast exit of yellowstone is AMAZING. 11000 feet in elevation. I put on a jacket up there and was standing next to some snow. Soo amazing. All the campsites in yellowstone were full… so I went through and popped out in Gardier, MT and found a national forest service campsite about 15 miles outside the town. Woke up this morning and headed into the park. Got in about 8am and hit up the visitor center and backcountry office. I talked to the ranger/watched a video/got a backcountry permit for a site on Shostone lake for saturday night. This will mean a big hike for saturday, and a decent one for sunday as well… I might actually just do the shorter hike both days, but that’ll still be 8 miles… depends on how i feel. I’ll be singing to myself as I am told to do, this avoids suprise encounters with wildlife, and I’m going to get some bear spray as well, just in case.

I’m slightly terrified, but at the same time, it’ll be memorable and people do it all the time. Not a huge deal.

Went over to the Mammoth Hot springs this morning, and they were neat, minus the whole sulphur smell.

Anyways, here is rushmore from 2? days ago

I have tons of pictures but nothing to charge my laptop with except my car, and spotty internet. So… I’ll upload them when I can 🙂

Sunday night I”ll head off to the KOA above Yellowstone, do laundry, shower and stuff and then off to Glacier on Monday.