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Backstage at the 930 Club

Getting to hang out backstage at the 930 club while Thievery Corporation was definitely a highlight of my life. I hold 930 club as the most intimate place to see a show in D.C., especially for seeing bigger acts, but it was even more special when you get to see it from a new perspective.

Reasons for awesomeness:

  1. Watching a huge crowd from the artists perspective.
  2. Seeing the band up close and personal.
  3. Free drinks.
  4. The awesome feeling of being “special”.

Shoutouts to Andy, Mike, Annie, Marc, Mike and Ben’s Chili Bowl. Had an awesome time! We went on January 30th, 2009.

There’s a new face in Washington

New face in Washington:

OHHH you probably thought I was gonna show you a picture of THIS guy:

Christmas week was great with friends and family. If you didn’t get to see the Union Station Christmas tree or the National Christmas tree, here they are:

Union Station:

National Tree:

And of course…