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Vancouver Island, so far

I like it. Once the sun came out, I feel like i’m the northeast coast, except not as busy, mountains, and just plain cooler. I took a nap during the rain early yesterday and enjoyed playing around on the beach and walking around Tofino last night around late sunset. Just FYI, Tofino is like Marijuana city. I saw probably 10 people in dreads in the hour I was there, and this morning at 1030am while packing up the campsite, could smell a little wafting through the air. British Columbia, aka joint country :-p

Random note:
Tim Hortons -> Everywhere (almost as bad as Starbucks and McDonalds)

Here are some of my pics from the beach as I enjoyed it yesterday

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Jump for Joy

Go Crazy!


What the hell is that?

Ahhhh… Pacific Rim National Park Reserve for the next few pics…

I got a Karma Special for Dinner, Yum!

Vancouver Island!

I made it, after sleeping in my car on the street, and hearing people talk about girls, and some guy at 4am taking a piss and then driving off… O well, it’s done and I am here in dreary vancouver island.

Off to Pacific Rim National Park and Tofino! I have a campsite the next 2 days, woo hoo! One in Pacific Rim, the other near Victoria.

USA bound on Tuesday at 3pm to Port Angeles.

Pictures will come as soon as internet with speed comes.


Vancouver Rocks

Loved the park at Horseshoe Bay.

City is HUGE, Chicago like cause it’s on the water, but man, it’s cool. I said WOW out loud when I saw mount ranier for the first time. Love the mountains, love the shore. Just gotta make it to my 620 am ferry to Vancouver Island.