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Scanning Pictures

Wow, Scanning pictures. Sounds like what someone did in 1998 when scanners first came out… However, i spent a good 5 hours yesterday scanning hundreds of pictures. It was a cool blast from the past, and my attempt to get all my (or a lot of my) pictures in one place (flickr). Most of these are “private”, but here are a few!

Here are 4 for your enjoyment.

Jackson Hole, January 2005, Virginia Tech Snowboard Club, Chris and Travis

My first snowboarding trip ever in January 2004 at Massanutten with Marsh, Travis and Chris

Back in High School, I was good at sports and used to win awards with Richard and Semere

Last May, Kristen and I got to go snorkeling in Cozumel Mexico!

Snowboarding in Keystone, Colorado

We went to Keystone today. It snowed all day… and it’s still snowing right now.

Pretty Creek by the Gondola

Keystone Handstand

Video of me riding in the snow… you get a better feel for the AMOUNT of snow out here. Soo awesome.

Breckenridge, Colorado

After getting delayed for an hour at Regan National Airport, we got to our Detroit and had 2 minutes to make our connection. We SPRINTED and made it (they were gonna hold it for 10 minutes supposedly but it’s hard to trust their word)

Got into Denver just before 9pm, and after dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, got up to Silverthorne at 1am Mountain time. Went to bed around 3… up just before 8, and out to Breckenridge.

First part of the day was alright, but was mostly trying to meet up with people. The 2nd half rocked, but I definitely have something going on (sick?) So, I’m getting to sleep early, but here are some pictures!

Blast From the Past – East Coast Beach Trip 2007

I’m deleting my wordpress blog that had 2 posts. Here is one of them from August 22nd, 2007.

Stop 1, Badin Lake Campground in the great state of North Carolina.
It was sooo hot here at night. They had nice facilities and a cool lake to swim in, but we didn’t manage to get any lake pictures.

Stop 2, Surfside Beach, SC.

We stayed the Holiday Inn here which I personally thought was great because it was away from the crowds we saw as we drove through myrtle, and hey, we weren’t camping :-)

Stop 4, Buck Hall Recreation Area in South Carolina.

We drove very quickly out of our campsite and straight to Charleston for the night .

Stop 5, Charleston, South Carolina

Stop 6, Hilton Head Island

The Holiday Inn (Oceanfront) is where we stated on Hilton Head Island, SC for two days. The first night there, we got suckered into a timeshare pitch which allowed us to eat dinner at The Crazy Crab.

Stop 7, Savannah, Georgia

Stop 8, Jacksonville, Flordia

Got to hang out w/my best friend from High School, Fred down in the JAX. Nightclubs on JAX Beach, Downtown, and a little Dave and Busters never hurt anyone. It was a blast!

Woo Hoo!

Overnight Rafting trip booked for this Thursday. They had 1 spot open!


Blog Mashup 3.0

Handstands Across America + Guys Eating Stuff =

Dual Handstands!

A mini-carrot snack.

Our Trip to Cozumel, Mexico!

We arrived into Cozumel after a long long long long (did i mention “long”?) night which included a two hour drive after a graduation party, moving stuff into my attic at home, an hour of sleep, and waking up at 4am.

Luckily there wasn’t too much hassle when traveling, with on time flights in DC and Charlotte we arrived in Cozumel at about noon. We got to the hotel and were greeted with a room that was ready to my suprise. Reviews reviews on TripAdvisor about the Park Royal Cozumel were pretty good overall, but the checkin was where most people complained. “Veinticinco veintiuno” (2521) was our room, had a great view and vacation had officially begun!

Our first dinner at the Park Royal, was at their Mexican Restaurant. It was okay… and we will still laugh if anyone mentions “Flan”…. hahaha

Today was our first attempt at eating at the breakfast buffet which looks beautiful! (and tastes incredibly medicore), but we got by just fine on it.

We did a snorkeling tour with “Angel” of the Activities staff, which was pretty cool after we figured out Kristen’s new mask. He stuffed a bagel inside a water bottle and we used that to chum. Hopefully we’ll get some good underwater pics once they are developed.

We decided to walk a little south of our hotel and check out the area by the cruise ship pier… not much there, so caught a taxi into town where we got these killer handstands downtown…

along the water in San Miguel…

and deeper into San Miguel.

After it was getting dark, we popped over to Tony Romes for dinner which we both enjoyed. Kristen had some kind of fish, and I had the 1/2 rack of ribs. It was all really good, and we met Tony Rome himself who was a nice guy.

We rented a jeep…

and drove around the island.

We snorkeled in the Dzul Ha reef, and hung out at the San Francisco Beach Club…

…and the “Bob Marley bar”…

…and checked out the Punta Sur Lighthouse.

Stopped along the east (Atlantic) coast…

…and had our last stop on the east at Coconuts.

This was a relaxing day where we laid out and enjoyed drinks. We met a nice couple from B.C. Canada named Forrest and Cassy when playing volleyball and hanging out in the infinity pool.

While laying out we spotted this awesome rainbow and had to get a handstand.

Park Royal Hotel (and a rainbow)

SCUBA diving! It was pretty awesome.

Used Aqua World which was adjacent to our hotel, and was 695 pesos for a 2 tank dive. He said the wet suit would be another $16 US dollars, and that with 81 degree F water, I wouldn’t need it.

First dive was at the Santa Rosa Wall. My dive buddy was also our divemaster, Esteban. We went down about 80ft, and then up to 50ft for a total of about 45 minutes. This was my first ocean dive, and first drift dive but it went real smoothly.

Second dive was at the Tormentos Reef which was a little shallower at 50ft. It was about 45 minutes and by the end, I was starting to get cold without a wetsuit.

Underwater highlights:

  • I didn’t look like a fool my first time in the ocean!
  • Sea Turtle
  • HUGE lobsters
  • Large shark
  • Big fish
  • Colorful fish
  • Beautiful reefs

That night we went to “Tiki Tok” downtown and did some Salsa dancing. The live music was great.

Went to the Isle of Passion (Isla de Pasion) with our new Candian friends. We took a little boat out here and got to hang out for the day. We were told that the Corona commercial was actually filmed here which was pretty neat. About 40 people came from the cruise ships but had to leave around 245pm to get back to the ship. This meant an entire island for ourselves until 5pm, which was pretty killer.

La Isla de Pasion

Took a taxi from the hotel to the airport for $12 witih tip after breakfast. Bought some Herradura tequila from the duty free shop, and headed back to the US.

Awesome trip 🙂