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Upcoming Handstands in Summer 2009

In the next 8 weeks, we should get handstands in…

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Outer Banks, NC
  • Smokey Mountain National Park

Just giving ya’ll the heads up. WATCH OUT for the ninja handstand kick!


Car is packed, for the most part, a little left to do.

Leaving about 11am, kinda crazy!

Today I plan to at least do a handstand in Morgantown, WV maybe? We’ll have to see how good of time I am making. Off to Dayton I go, and I have been told “not to eat” so I am ready for dinner 🙂 That’s what I call hospitality.

Thanks to Mom, Dad, Dan, Kristen, Paul and Cecil for the good luck wishes as I leave!

I have a place to sleep, and friends to meet!

My flight instructor graciously called his family in Dayton, OH and asked if I could stay on Thursday evening (to break up my trip to Illinois). They have said yes, and require a handstand at the house in return!

The first leg is:
486 mi – about 7 hours 56 mins (according to google maps)

T-Minus ~72 hours!

Campsite Reserved

We officially have sites 61A and 61B in Camp III!


Can’t wait, it’s gonna be CRAZY!

Roadtrip Checklist

Everyone knows the simple rules to follow in preparing for a roadtrip:

  1. Put all your possessions in a safe place or get rid of them in some manner.
  2. Clean your previous place of residence.
  3. Get your Private Pilot Certificate.
  4. Go camping to celebrate your birthday.
  5. Go on your trip.
  6. Come back in debt.

As of right now, I’m on step 1. I slept on the floor last night (and will be doing so for the next 4 months really) . I currently have my bed, recliner and TV stand all in my car and ready to be put in storage. (And hopefully can get another load in tonight before flying)

That will leave only a few things to finish up step 1…

  • A huge desk
  • A dresser
  • A 2 person sofa
  • 2 Kitchen carts/stands
  • Bathroom supplies
  • Pots/Pans/Dishes/Silverware/Cooking “things”
  • All the random things/clothes in my room
  • My bike
  • Camping gear

I’m hoping to finish step 1 as soon as possible because it is kind of just “in my way” at this point. Just an update on where things stand 🙂

Roadtrip Ideas:
I just found out yesterday that Oshkosh will be occuring from July 28-August 3 in Oshkosh, WI which is “just” 5 hours north of Peoria, IL… Emailed the flying club for others interested. Hopefully I can come up with an excuse to go.

Current (Rough) Plan for the Roadtrip

So… I have posted both a map and a calendar to share a general idea of where I’m going :-), and when I’m going. Currently none of this is finalized 🙂

Please leave me any feedback you have about it!