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Cool, might do these…


Yosemite High Country Backpacking Trip

Grand Canyon:

Going to book them the next time I have internet unless anyone says not to!

Woo Hoo!

Overnight Rafting trip booked for this Thursday. They had 1 spot open!


I have a place to sleep, and friends to meet!

My flight instructor graciously called his family in Dayton, OH and asked if I could stay on Thursday evening (to break up my trip to Illinois). They have said yes, and require a handstand at the house in return!

The first leg is:
486 mi – about 7 hours 56 mins (according to google maps)

T-Minus ~72 hours!


So in just under 9 hours I will be this man. My lease ends today and I will officially be a homeless computer programmer. A lovely world it is! He is completely burden free of “cleaning” and “making the bed”. Ahh, what a wonderful life, sleeping on the streets!

Well, not too far from the truth. Graciously crashing with Jared, Kristen, Family and then off on my Handstands Across America adventure I go starting July 24th!

I am looking forward to helping out Kristen with all of her new found furniture and then hopefully will be wrapping up my 7 year stint in Blacksburg. I told myself I had to leave Blacksburg by the time I was 25 so I wouldn’t be a townie for life. I will be leaving on the night of July 14th… and considering my birthday is the 15th, I’d say that is one closely met goal!

Onward to my new home! (your couch and the great outdoors!)

Get Your Move On

The past two weeks have been CRAZY, and the next two will not let up.

Next Two Weeks…

-Packed my car this morning (soo full)
-Driving up to Arlington after work
-Unpacking/Cleaning Current room at home

-Community Parade in the AM with family
-Going to Stafford to hang out with my Cousin April
-Going to Woodbridge(ish) to Jason’s house for the 4th

-Going to Arlington to Drop off my speakers, mixing board, and Kristen’s car.
-Going out in Baltimore to hang out with Shulsky, Martha and Brett

-Going back to Arlington for Afternoon/Dinner
-Driving back to Blacksburg

-Full Day of Work
-Pack up final things and move to Jared’s house for storage
-List things on craigslist or email equivalent

-Full Day of Work
-Maybe some flying??
-Get rid of said “craiglist” items or dump them

-Full Day of Work
-Dentist Appointment (Cavities filled)
-Clean out trash and final things from the house
-Super Scrubbing of the house

-Lease ends
-Turn in Keys
-Final cleaning?
-Pack Kristen’s stuff into my car
-Softball Game (tourney begins)
-Sleep at Jared’s

-Full Day of Work
-Drive to Greenville, SC to visit Kristen/Help move her in

-Go to her storage unit, load all the stuff into her new place
-Get her place somewhat situated

-Drive Back to Blacksburg
-Pack up my stuff that I left at Jared’s into my car
-Crash at Jared’s

-LAST DAY IN BLACKSBURG!! (This trip is really happening!)
-Teleconference/Webex presentation
-Drive to Arlington

-Full day of work (from Arlington)

That weekend… Camping in celebration of 1/4 century of Sam 🙂


First road trip stop confirmed!

Hanging out with Will in Peoria, IL July 25-27th!

Got the gear!

So I ordered a bunch of gear off Backcountry.com. Expensive stuff, but better with a 20% off coupon!

I got all the main stuff I’m gonna need for hitting up all the national parks on my roadtrip at this point 🙂


Matt for the win

So I talked to my friend Matt that I haven’t seen in just over a year. Got to catch up and found out that he went on a very similar cross country trip this past summer. Check out his pictures here: http://picasaweb.google.com/mluxvt07.

Definite highlights he recommends are:

  • Arches National Park
  • Zion National Park
  • Badlands National Park
  • Glacier National Park
  • Olympia National Park
  • UT-12