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Bristol, England

I got an email yesterday from someone asking to use a picture I had taken of the Bristol Bridge in Bristol, England. It seems like I might get paid for it so it will be my first step into “professional” photography! I would put up the photo, but I want to see how this works first. I know they want sole rights to the image for 3 months, so I don’t wanna break that. Pretty awesome though!

Here is a DIFFERENT image, that I took from the same night 🙂

On another note, www.foreignaffairs.us IS a auto shop. I knew it had to be. I always see it driving down I-81 on my way to Virginia Tech. So, that mystery is solved 🙂


I got an email this morning from REI asking for outdoor member photos. I looked through all 80 or so of them that they had and a lot of them reminded me of places I had been on my trip. In order to hopefully get my handstanding out in the public realm a little, I sent them the picture of me doing a handstand at Guadalupe Peak (8,751ft) which is the “Top of Texas”. I sent them this one because no one had a picture from Texas.

And now that I am writing this out, I realized I have a picture from “Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park which I will also upload because I did not see any from there!

I hope REI likes them and adds them to their photo gallery!

Survey about the size of photos on my site:
A: Keep large pictures because I love seeing them so big on your site!
B: Use the smaller images so I can read what you’re saying, then if I want to see the picture bigger, I can click on it.

HDR to the Maximum

I got played around with HDRs last night and made 3 of them… (High Dynamic Range images which are created by combining 3 pictures with different exposure levels)

Ptarmigan Tunnel (Say that 5 times real fast :-P)

The other side of the Ptarmigan Tunnel, WOW.

The Badlands make you feel good inside.

P.S. – If anyone hasn’t noticed… I had coffee this morning 🙂