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Day Two

Stepping back to Friday…

After relaxing a little in the morning, I went and met Jamie for lunch at the Dayton Children’s hospital. It was nice to catch up because I hadn’t seen her since high school. I took a picture of us and totally somehow deleted it, ahh! Oh well, it was a pleasure! Jamie called up her grandma who always seemed to like me and STILL asks about me, and I spoke to her. She was tickled pink and I thought it was too cute. What a nice lady.

Anyways, off to the Air Force Museum next.

It was huge and had planes outside…

…and inside (SR71).

It even had rockets inside…

…and the same plane? or at least same model that dropped the a-bomb over in Hirosima, Japan. It was kind of ridiculous to think about how much that changed the world…

…with such a little bomb (that looked just like this)…

…and these are the huge props of the airplane that took them there. A lot of the planes are cool, but unless you can put them into some sort of story or context, you just don’t understand or appreciate it (i feel at least). This was one of the biggest things I’ll remember because I can really tie it to a story, rather than just seeing a big shiny plane.

This plane was cool too.

A side note: I took these next two pictures for Cecil (my flying instructor). This is a link trainer which is what he used for training (if i remember correctly). It is linked to controls that an instructor has and allows the student to simulate flying.

I figured this was about right too. Cecil is yelling at me after running the plane into the ground and busting the prop. haha

Anyways… cool airplanes, everywhere…

Three hangars worth… even an airship…

So I liked the museum. I was told I needed all day, and in order to appreciate it I would have, but I did a walk around in about 2 hours, and decided it was time to hit the road for Illinois so I’d get there at 7:30pm as promised. (I’d actually be getting there at 8:30pm but I tried time travel and it worked right around the indiana/illinois border, go figure!?)

On the way out of Dayton, I saw the needs of their citizens…

and said goodbye to Ohio…

and hello to Indiana.

Having gotten a little turned around in Indianapolis and wanting to make sure Indiana was handstanded. I stopped in the little town of Crawfordsville and got this pic.

I arrived at Will’s house right on time. It was great to see him and his girl Elizabeth. We stopped and I got some taco bell and headed over to Taylor’s to see Batman Begins (in order to prepare for sunday when we would see Dark Knight).

Day One Complete!

Packing your car for 3 months (and you only get one shot to get it right) took longer than expected. I hit the road yesterday at 1230 and arrived in Dayton, OH at 1030.

I didn’t do a very good job of documenting Maryland, but I wasn’t too impressed for the most part until I got into the mountains, especially because traffic is not the greatest. I thought Cumberland was a very pretty looking town in a valley however. I didn’t take this picture, it’s stolen from their website 😛

I think after living in Blacksburg for the past 7 years, I am partial to the mountians. I enjoyed driving into West Virginia because of them, and the 70mph speed limit 🙂

So once into West Virginia…

I decided to stop in Morgantown to see West Virginia University (WVU). It was a “large” town for the area and a pretty nice college town. When I think of WVU I usually thing of burning furniture, and moonshine, but I guess when you see the town in the daylight, you miss that sorta thing.

Anyways, as a VT alumni, I must show the following three pictures, the first which is self explanitory.

The second which celebrates the ultimate in classiness; KHROME (as you see in the corner where I blew it up)

And last but not least, my best impersonation of Ashton Kutcher, “WVU, You just got Handstanded!!” haha. Go Hokies!

After leaving West Virginia, it was on to Pennsylvania for the southwestern corner of the state before I was somehow back in West Virginia again, but instead of taking a picture of that sign, I was greeted by horrible traffic and a slamming of the brakes. This traffic had me backed up for a good 30-45 minutes.

Finally, onto Ohio, I felt almost at home at this point.

Columbus suprised me, with it’s size as I drove through. And it did make for a pretty sunset picture. (minus the whole interstate thing)

and within 15 miles of my destination, there was roadwork on I-70 on both lanes. We drove on the shoulder straddling the rumble strips when traffic moved at all, and this slowed me up by a good 45 minutes or so.

Finally, at 1030pm arrived in Dayton, OH and was greeted by my lovely hosts Sherry and Mike. I got offered beer, steak, rice and veggies, and a bed. How could you go wrong? It was great getting to meet them, and hear some neat stories. Thanks guys! Here is your handstand that we took in their yard this morning 😛

That wraps up a jam packed day one, and I am pumped. No real obligations for 3 months, this is going to be a blast! Today I am going to meet an old friend Jamie from high school because she lives in town here, check out the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum, and then on to Peoria, IL where I will join up with Will at a cookout, and hang out for the weekend!