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Welcome to My South Carolina Home

My South Carolina Apartment[View Slideshow]

Welcome to my Living Room [Flickr]

Maybe you like this corner of the ceiling better? [Flickr]

Why are You Sitting on the Floor? [Flickr]

Deck with Bike [Flickr]

Open Kitchen and Living Room [Flickr]

Kristen has discovered that she really likes thai food, so I made some tonight.

Thai Red Curry Chicken with Cilantro over Brown Rice [Flickr]

5 Reasons why SC might not be too bad

Reasons why SC isn’t too bad:

  1. Today
  2. Friday
  3. Saturday
  4. Sunday
  5. Monday

Can you beat that forecast?

I got my keys last night.. but they didn’t open my apartment. Better success today is hoped for today 🙂 My mom and bro will be in Atlanta this weekend, and it looks like Kristen and I might get to meet up with them on Saturday at “Six Flags Over Georgia“. Sweeeeet.