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Two Weeks Notice

Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m moving to Canada… for 2 weeks. I know this is abrupt, but it’s something I have to do. Bigfoot told me to.

Love, your son,

I’m heading from Whitefish, MT into Invermere, British Columbia today and will be checking out Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Whistler, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

I’ll be back in the U.S. to hang out with Dan and Martha in Seattle before Labor Day, and then on to Mike in Portland.

Looking forward to people, and to the BEAUTIFUL Canadian Rockies I have heard so much about.

Recapping the last 2? days

Yesterday (Thursday)

I hiked up to Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park, and then hung out by lake McDonald during the day before heading over to Whitefish, MT where I stayed in the Whitefish KOA. I hung out with a family from Saskatchewan, Canada who had a cabin nextdoor. They were pretty great people, fun to talk to, and I got a free 2 hot dog dinner! Baboom!

The night before I slept in my car :-p, so it was an upgrade. Looking forward to seeing Forrest, Cassy and more Canadians!

Some Pics from the last 2 days…

coming soon…


Totally signed up for both trips. Killer! Leaving Badlands KOA towards Rushmore… no real plan, Yellowstone probably by tomorrow?


Picture Dump (Day 9 and 10) briefly…

Slow internet at the KOA in Sioux Falls, SD.

You can check out new pictures at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ssaammee

New Handstands at: http://www.handstandsacrossamerica.com/map.php
NOTE: Some aren’t titled and guessed on locations because slow internet is frustrating.

500,000 Motor Cyclers stand in my path the next few days… http://www.sturgismotorcyclerally.com/welcome.php

Off to the badlands tomorrow 🙂