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Welcome to My South Carolina Home

My South Carolina Apartment[View Slideshow]

Welcome to my Living Room [Flickr]

Maybe you like this corner of the ceiling better? [Flickr]

Why are You Sitting on the Floor? [Flickr]

Deck with Bike [Flickr]

Open Kitchen and Living Room [Flickr]

Kristen has discovered that she really likes thai food, so I made some tonight.

Thai Red Curry Chicken with Cilantro over Brown Rice [Flickr]

Home is where the heart is

Total Mileage From Home -> Home… 12,538.7

This included the following States:

  1. Virginia
  2. Maryland
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. West Virginia
  5. Ohio
  6. Indiana
  7. Illinois
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Minnesota
  10. South Dakota
  11. Wyoming
  12. Montana
  13. Washington
  14. Portland
  15. California
  16. Nevada
  17. Arizona
  18. Utah
  19. Colorado
  20. New Mexico
  21. Texas
  22. Oklahoma
  23. Arkansas
  24. Tennessee
  25. Mississippi
  26. Alabama
  27. Georgia
  28. South Carolina
  29. North Carolina

And Canadian Providences:

  1. British Columbia
  2. Alberta