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Handstand for Food

You may have thought by the title of this post, that I would be dedicating myself to helping world hunger, but currently that’s not the case. It’s simply dedicating a handstand for free food! The Shrimp Connection officially made an offer for me to handstand their store at 14735 Bristow Road in Manassas, VA, 20112, in exchange for a free delicious meal there. I think this is fantastic and I will be chowing down the next time I can swing by! See the offer here.

The Shrimp Connection

The Offer


Birthday Dinner at Sushi Hana

I got taken out for a delicious Sushi dinner last night at Sushi Hana. We’ve gone there twice, and it was AMAZING both times. We were soo full after what we ordered, but I asked if they did anything for birthdays… and the answer was yes. Awesome! But we were already wayy TOO full. We sucked it up and had one of the most amazing deserts ever. Check out the pictures, and check out Sushi Hana.

Before heading out [Flickr]

Dinner is served! [Flickr]

Finished! [Flickr]

The Final Challenge – Dessert [Flickr]

Low Country Boil at OBX Beach Week

After having enjoyed our first Low Country Boil, Kristen and I wanted to throw our own. We did with our friends at our beach house this week and it was a total success! Everyone loved it!

Boilin’ it up


Pourin’ out the goods on the table

Pourin' out the goods

Group photo before the feast

Group Photo

Everyone digging in

Everyone is chowing down.

Guys Eating Stuff in San Francisco! (Dungeness Crabs)

So, I am currently staying in Berkeley, CA with my friend Alice who works/goes to school at UC Berkeley. Yesterday I slept a lot, and today I am going to do the same. My goal is to get “bored” because I am doing a backpacking trip this weekend in Yosemite, and one the week after in the Grand Canyon and I want to have a little energy/exploration inside me.

Some of Alice’s awesome friends in San Francisco were celebrating a birthday. So, the 5 of us went to PPQ Dungeness Island and got the Dinner for 6. Here is how it went:

Got off at the Civic Center stop near the Capital. There was some sort of hispanic celebration as can be seen in the photo. Not sure what for…

Ordered the “Dinner for 6” (There were 5 of us)

  • Imperial Rolls
  • Papaya Salad with Beef
  • Roasted Crab
  • Peppercorn Crab
  • Five Spices Chicken
  • Steamed Shiitake Seabass
  • Braised String Beans
  • House Garlic Noodles
  • Deep Fried Banana with Ice Cream

We all had bibs tied on by our waiter. I guess I should shave?

Here is the bib…

And an imported Vietnamese beer

I didn’t get pictures of this really good “green papaya salad” with seasoned beef in it. SOO good. And we also had some other kind of egg rollish things with pork in them. Oh, and the DELICIOUS sea bass. Soo very good.

Crab #1, Butter and Garlic

Garlic Noodles

Crab #2, some other seasoning




A WARM refreshing towel

Birthday Girl and Collins

Fried Banana with some sort of mango and vanilla ice cream

Handstanded with ALL that food in my belly!