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National Lampoon’s Family Vacation – Natural Bridge, VA

I’m embarking on the first trip in a LONG time with my whole immediate family. We’ll be going to Natural Bridge, VA in the morning and then down to Greenville, SC for Sunday and Monday.

I have driven by Natural Bridge probably more than 100 times on I-81, and never figured it had much there. My mom has heard much about it, including some caverns there and something else at night. I hope that it has something exciting that I never knew about! Anyways, family time is good, it is especially good to get off the computer since I have been on one since Monday morning practically. Here’s to a good weekend! *Cheers*

Birthday with the Family

Hanging out before the party

My cousin, aunt and uncle came over to celebrate. My cousin LOVES stacking up blocks and then knocking them over. While growing up, he has smartened up and made other people stack up the blocks so he can knock them down.

Making my uncle stack up the blocks…

“Now I get to throw the ball!”


TOTAL Destruction 🙂

Birthday Party

My family birthday party was quite awesome! It was great to see everyone, and my gifts were especially funny. In this picture I am showing off my new AS SEEN ON TV “Snuggie” and “Dryer Balls”. Not to mention M&M’s and a Crock Pot. My family rocks!

April 2009 "12 of 12"

April’s 12 of 12 was on Easter Sunday. I mostly spent the day cleaning, and hanging out. It was a nice and sunny day, although it was slightly chilly at the same time. My cell phone failed on me and the pictures I did take didn’t save correctly. This means no picture from playing tennis around noon, and no picture of Dan I jamming around after dinner. In any case, here is my official 12 of 12 for April. It was created using a new php script I just wrote!

10:10am | Breakfast [Flickr]
Mom was so nice to have made breakfast and left it for us lazy kids who slept in!

11:17am | Dad and “Kitty” [Flickr]
They have a understanding.

1:16pm | A well used piece of plastic. [Flickr]
I attempted to organize my electronics using this dresser because I have them scattered all over the place!

3:37pm | Grapes, a healthy snack. [Flickr]

4:35pm | Catnap [Flickr]
It definitely seemed like this would be a good idea, but I never got a chance to take one.

4:50pm | Dirty Car? [Flickr]
Today was overall cleaning day, and car cleaning was not left out.

7:27pm | Sunday Potluck [Flickr]
The food is always delicious and bountiful. It is always a highlight of the week 🙂

7:29pm | Running away from the camera [Flickr]
“J” wanted to run away from the camera, and thoroughly like this game. He didn’t like the idea not being able to play with the camera himself though.

7:32pm | Dan and Conor [Flickr]
They are always up to something.

8:17pm | Light games [Flickr]
Dan shows his perfected skills of light painting after dinner.

8:24pm | “Kids” [Flickr]
Here are most all of the kids of the Sunday potlucks. Lots of fun.

10:08pm | On the Bluetooth for a late call [Flickr]
I found my Bluetooth headset today while cleaning and put it to go use!

Musical talent!?

How far can someone go without learning to read sheet music? Well… I’m still going but I guess I haven’t gone too far. I know “F.A.C.E” for treble clef, that’s about as far as it goes. My brother got me a book that should help me learn but I have been too stubborn so far to use it.

Anyways, I have been told that I have the tendency to go flat when singing. Last night I felt like I began to get past that. About a 2 hour singing/guitar/piano session and I was doing much better. I heard the notes in my head, before anything came out of my mouth, and I was able to hit notes that are usually a struggle for me. Previously I’d do my best first shot, and then to try and “climb” up to reach them when I realized I wasn’t right on.

Whats the point? -> Well, It seems like a “duh” moment, but I believe I have had an epiphany where if I conciously picture the note in my head before letting it come out of my mouth, it works. That’s all. Anyone do something similar?

There’s a new face in Washington

New face in Washington:

OHHH you probably thought I was gonna show you a picture of THIS guy:

Christmas week was great with friends and family. If you didn’t get to see the Union Station Christmas tree or the National Christmas tree, here they are:

Union Station:

National Tree:

And of course…

Christmas Card

I made my family get together for a picture this past Sunday afternoon for a holiday card. You might be lucky enough to get one of these in the mail at somepoint, but in case you don’t, this one is for you!

Best responses so far:

  • “Wow, you have a big cat!” -Mom’s Co-worker
  • “How did you manage to get your cat in a Santa Suit?” -Mom’s Co-worker

Update – Made it to Oklahoma!

New Mexico was tons of fun and I am now with family in Oklahoma. I will make a post about all my cool shotgun shooting, four wheel driving, caving, hiking and more when I can!

Broken Backcountry

Well, I didn’t end up hiking in the backcountry tonight. I was heistant about hiking 20 miles alone in grizzly bear country, the weather is completely dreary, and mom asked I didn’t. She didn’t cause dad got into a biking accident, along with just caring for my safety. He flipped the bike and messed up his right elbow, broke some ribs? and fractured a vertebrae or two? Not exactly sure on the exact details, but I got to talk to him tonight, which was great. We were worried he broke his femur (thigh bone) but luckily that is just heavily bruised. Lesson goes… WEAR YOUR HELMET… He did too, and that’s probably why he will heal. Heard that his helmet was broken all to pieces, so thankfully that took most of the impact. Crazy time. I’m hoping he will do a full recovery but it sounds like it’ll be painful here for a while.

I’m in Livingston Montana after checking out Yellowstone for my last day today. Heading up to Glacier National Park tomorrow 🙂

Got to see old faithful, do white water rafting on the yellowstone river, hike to Osprey Falls, and hang out.

Love you Dad!

Top of Beartooth Pass… Quite possibly my favorite road…

Old Faithful Strikes again!