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Outside My Window

2009-05 Outside My Window[View Slideshow]

I am up on the top floor of my new apartment and I have the birds, the bees and the rain visiting.

These HUGE Bumble Bee like things are EVERYWHERE [Flickr]

A peaceful nature backdrop [Flickr]

A branch in sunlight [Flickr]

Cleared for Landing [Flickr]

Virginia Cardinal in South Carolina [Flickr]

Cardinal Photo Op [Flickr]

Can we be friends? [Flickr]

May downpour off the roof [Flickr]

Drip [Flickr]

Afternoon Dove [Flickr]

Jasper the Dog

Soo… Chinese Crested dogs are commonly voted as the “World’s Ugliest Dogs” time and time again. Mike and Kelly (my awesome Portland hosts) got one because of allergies, and it was at the pound. He is quite “different” and a little “neurotic” at times, but he’s pretty cool. Taking pictures of him was quite hard because he..

can get scared of camera flashes…

And make dinosaur faces…

But he’s pretty cool

and sometimes…

if you suprise him…

you can get some

pretty decent pictures.