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12 of 12 – January 2010

I took a few pictures today, not quite 12… 6 to be exact. I wrote 2 other posts last night however, so that will have to do!


Breakfast of Champions

Skype, with Jared

My favorite book yesterday

Hope they don’t mind that it got ripped…

Frustration, how can I make this work on my machine!

My 12 of 12 Archives.

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Blog is Fixed!

I’ve noticed for quite a while that the main page of the blog was showing up oddly.  I finally took the 15 minutes to track it down today.  It was a missing </div> tag.  Go figure.

Where is the love for this blog?  I know I haven’t been to loving to the Handstands Across America blog lately, but I haven’t been traveling anywhere new lately.  We do have some handstands coming up in San Antonio, Texas soon so watch out for those.  Also, Saturday is a 12 of 12!

12 of 12 – November 2009

A full day of working from Arlington, then meeting up with people for Richard’s Bachelor Party.

1 of 12: suitcase livin [Flickr]

2 of 12: favorite coffee cup at home [Flickr]

3 of 12: no desk in arlington anymore. luckily for only 1 workday [Flickr]

4 of 12: moved office downstairs after lunch [Flickr]

5 of 12: Architecting! [Flickr]

11 of 12: waitimg forever for a check [Flickr]

6 of 12: cheese quesadilla [Flickr]

7 of 12: bachelor [Flickr]

8 of 12: lighting here sucks [Flickr]

9 of 12: round of shots [Flickr]

10 of 12: larry and rich. soooo dark in here [Flickr]

12 of 12: finally made it to shellys, a cigar bar in D.C. [Flickr]

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August 2009 – 12 of 12

1 of 12: 1:19am… Time for bed.

2 of 12: 8:47am – Good Morning Coffee.

3 of 12: 10:58am Late Breakfast. Team Cheerios.

4 of 12: 12:50pm Status Reports are Painful

5 of 12: 1:26pm Time to Shave so I Can Go Into Public Later

6 of 12: 2:50pm Rushing Past Ballston to get on I-66 and Miss HOV-2 Restrictions

I figured out once I was on I-66, that restrictions we not until 4pm. Doh!

7 of 12: 3:25pm Panera “Iced Caramel” Coffee Drink at Herndon Panera. My Favorite.

8 of 12: 5:28pm documenting his Steak Grilling.

9 of 12: 5:42pm Delicious Steak and Yuengling.

10 of 12: 6:48pm Brian’s cat likes to talk, and has no plan on stopping.

11 of 12: 7:59pm Messing with the Google Earth API

12 of 12: 9:45pm Rebecca made it home!

12 of 12 Complete!

Photos are in this Flickr Photoset and here …

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July 2009 – 12 of 12

The majority of the time…

I’m driving, According to my 2009 12 of 12 stats (3 of 5 including this one). Approximately 1150 miles of documented driving on the 12th’s of the month in 2009!



July’s 12 of 12

1 of 12: 10am – Coffee to get me started. [Flickr]

2 of 12: About to get on I-395 South in Shirlington [Flickr]

3 of 12: Passing Potomac Mills [Flickr]

4 of 12: This pretty much sums up Richmond, VA. A SunTrust and a 7-11. [Flickr]

5 of 12: Diet Coke in Richmond [Flickr]

6 of 12: Quiznos Sub for Lunch right before the North Carolina Border.  Diet Mountain Dew not shown. [Flickr]

7 of 12: Still trucking it on I-85. [Flickr]

8 of 12: Mebane, NC – Sheetz Iced Coffee, Caramel.  Delicious. [Flickr]

9 of 12: Intersection in Charlotte, NC.  I always saw signs on the interstate for “Cook Out” but here is one! [Flickr]

10 of 12: Diet Dr. Pepper for the last leg! [Flickr]

11 of 12: South Carolina! [Flickr]

12 of 12: 7:30pm – Back in Greenville, SC!  Had to take Kristen to pick up her car, and we recycled on the way, how green we are! [Flickr]

What the heck was this 12 of 12?

It’s something that I saw Brian doing, and I started doing too. The idea came from Chad. Check out his site for more info.

June 2009 – 12 of 12

8:20 am – Reminder Text [Flickr]
Google Calendar helped remind me about 12 of 12 by sending me a text message.

10:00 am – Morning Coffee [Flickr]
Orioles over the Nats any day.

1:00pm – Office Space [Flickr]

3:00pm – Laundry Complete! [Flickr]
Laundry seems to take forever.

5:37 pm – My Packing Skillz [Flickr]
I have to get real luggage. Using a crate is kinda "ghetto".

6:30 pm – Kristen at the Helm [Flickr]
I-85 northbound to Ashland, VA.

8:30 pm – Wendys [Flickr]
Road trips do not equate to healthy eating.

9:35 pm – View of Harpers Gentlemens Club and Exotic Carwash [Flickr]
You read that right… Exotic Carwash. We dropped off Kristens roommate to go hang out in Greensboro with her brother, and this is their drop off spot. The brother called. "I’ve been here forever, where are you!" "We’re 2 exits away" "Well hurry up, I feel like I’m going to get mugged."

9:42 pm – Exactly 124,000 miles [Flickr]
Kristen’s Car is perfectly at 124,000 miles at the gas station. Lucky number of the day.

12:46 am – Sheetz for a pit stop [Flickr]
Bathroom – Check, Slushie – Check, Doughnut – Check, and we wonder why America is fat… Cause we’re pigs!

1:29 am – That took way too long [Flickr]
This trip took 7.5 hours, oh man what a lonng drive.

1:30 am – “Home” for the weekend! [Flickr]
Made it to Ashland, VA. Time for this overtime 12 of 12 to be over!

April 2009 "12 of 12"

April’s 12 of 12 was on Easter Sunday. I mostly spent the day cleaning, and hanging out. It was a nice and sunny day, although it was slightly chilly at the same time. My cell phone failed on me and the pictures I did take didn’t save correctly. This means no picture from playing tennis around noon, and no picture of Dan I jamming around after dinner. In any case, here is my official 12 of 12 for April. It was created using a new php script I just wrote!

10:10am | Breakfast [Flickr]
Mom was so nice to have made breakfast and left it for us lazy kids who slept in!

11:17am | Dad and “Kitty” [Flickr]
They have a understanding.

1:16pm | A well used piece of plastic. [Flickr]
I attempted to organize my electronics using this dresser because I have them scattered all over the place!

3:37pm | Grapes, a healthy snack. [Flickr]

4:35pm | Catnap [Flickr]
It definitely seemed like this would be a good idea, but I never got a chance to take one.

4:50pm | Dirty Car? [Flickr]
Today was overall cleaning day, and car cleaning was not left out.

7:27pm | Sunday Potluck [Flickr]
The food is always delicious and bountiful. It is always a highlight of the week 🙂

7:29pm | Running away from the camera [Flickr]
“J” wanted to run away from the camera, and thoroughly like this game. He didn’t like the idea not being able to play with the camera himself though.

7:32pm | Dan and Conor [Flickr]
They are always up to something.

8:17pm | Light games [Flickr]
Dan shows his perfected skills of light painting after dinner.

8:24pm | “Kids” [Flickr]
Here are most all of the kids of the Sunday potlucks. Lots of fun.

10:08pm | On the Bluetooth for a late call [Flickr]
I found my Bluetooth headset today while cleaning and put it to go use!

March 2009 – 12 of 12 – Blacksburg, VA to Greenville, SC

Well, I woke up on an air matress, in a house where the owner’s girlfriend ran the car through the garage the night before… Didn’t get a picture til I got to work though, cause I forgot it was the 12th! I didn’t keep track of exact times the pictures were taken… Not really important I suppose, because I’m making this a “12 on 12”.

Zach and I worked together ALL morning on Project Schedules

Went for a Business lunch in his pimped out KIA

Panera was Delicious. Got the Smokehouse Turkey Panini and a Asian Sesame Chicken Salad

Jared went running in the office in the afternoon

Monkeys and monsters were held captive at my desk for the day, thanks to the previous tenant

Chick-fil-a for dinner on the way out of Christiansburg

Driving my boat full of my bed and many other things (cause I’m moving soon!)

I-74 and I-77 Junction (I chose I-77)

Mountain Dew to the rescue for the 270 mile drive

Driving on I-485 (which apparently not a road, even on google maps right now)

Welcome to South Carolina, wee!

I have made it, time to move in with my dresser and backpack!

Successful day. “12 on 12”. Done.

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February 2009 – 12 of 12 (but took my time getting it posted)

So “12 of 12” is a creepy thing where someone takes 12 pictures throughout the day, on the 12th day of the month, in order to share what happens from their point of view. It’s kind of like real world, on the local cable access station… Anyways, I know I find it amusing to check out others, so hopefully you’ll be amused as well. Here are 2 people I know that did one as well…

Uri’s 12 of 12
Mike’s 12 of 12

And here is mine:

(1)6:30am, Wake up, put on your red socks because they are comfortable and you work from home.

(2)7:15am, Avoid the “traffic jams” in the bathroom.

(3)10:00am, Working is hard when you have 68 degree weather in February just outside that window.

(4)12:15pm Get out for lunch, go to Wal-Mart, buy some Eggplant, Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes… Going to make curried eggplant for the first time

(5)3pm, Keep on workin.

(6)5pm, Chop them up!

(7) 6pm, “Pilates” with Kristen. It definitely works your abs… don’t laugh until you’ve tried.

(8) 6:30pm, Finally cooking up some Potatoes and Onion.

(9)6:45pm, Really, I am cooking!

(10)7:20pm, enjoying a Sierra Nevada with dinner.

(11)Dessert thanks to Kristen.

(12)9pm-11pm, Do not disturb them when Grey’s anatomy is on, if you want to walk out alive!

Final Thoughts:
Man, that cookie was good!