Nashville Tennessee Weekend

Kristen and I checked out Nashville for the first time this past weekend. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Our favorite part of the trip was the Bluebird Cafe.

Here is a picture from the General Jackson Riverboat with the AT&T a.k.a. “Batman Building” in the background.

Handstand for Food

You may have thought by the title of this post, that I would be dedicating myself to helping world hunger, but currently that’s not the case. It’s simply dedicating a handstand for free food! The Shrimp Connection officially made an offer for me to handstand their store at 14735 Bristow Road in Manassas, VA, 20112, in exchange for a free delicious meal there. I think this is fantastic and I will be chowing down the next time I can swing by! See the offer here.

The Shrimp Connection

The Offer


Awesome NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Handstand Video

You can thank Steven and his dad Kerry for this one…

What’s New?


  • Joined the YMCA
  • Joined a Soccer Team and first practice is today… first game on Tuesday
  • Am heading to Nashville, TN on Thursday for a 3 day VACATION (You heard me right, not weekend, VACATION)

So life is good, but blog is not feeling the love. This update is for Uri! so I don’t drop off his list 🙂


I’m still around and kicking, I’ve just been super busy.

Heading to Atlanta tomorrow for the Season Opener.  Watch out Alabama, here we come. Lets Go! Ho-kies!

Car Handstand Fail

Don’t try this at home… or anywhere. Where do they get these people?

This is a Car Handstand FAIL from one of my favorite sites, FailBlog.org