Why do you do handstands all over the place?

The tagline I use for the site is “Handstands Wherever I go, Why Not?” and I think that’s highly appropriate.  But if we want to break it down:

  • They’re fun to do
  • The idea of getting more handstand pictures inspires me to travel to new places
  • I enjoy photography, meeting random people who I get to take my picture, and ask why I’m doing them
  • I did them with my family on beach trips in the sand.

When did you learn to do Handstands?

I realized in High School that I could do Handstands and thought they were fun.  I can remember back into middle school when I did them on beach trips with my family because the sand was soft and it didn’t hurt to fall.

Are you a gymnast?


Are you a YOGA instructor?

And… No. haha. If you look at my form in some of the pictures, you’ll notice it’s mostly for fun, but I’m practicing so that I can improve along the way.

The Rules:

They have changed over and over… In general, I’ll try to get a handstand picture if I go somewhere I haven’t been before. Other times, I end up in the same place, and just want to try to get a better picture. There are no longer rules, but I rather some different goals I want to hit.

What is your Goal with this stuff?

It is to most definitely do on in all 50 states in the USA. But I will hopefully get to be outside of the US and get some there too.

What was this 2008 Roadtrip?

I went on a 3 month roadtrip for 12,538.7 miles across the US and Canada visiting National Parks, camping, and doing handstands in 2008.  Now I live in Greenville, South Carolina and frequently travel. Check out some of the blog posts from the roadtrip here. There are a LOT of pictures so it may take a while to load.