Hot Springs, North Carolina

We went to Hot Springs, NC to go camping over the Memorial Day weekend and had a great time. Here are some photos.

Our friend we found:

This bunker looked like something out of LOST, was kinda crazy how much so.

As soon as we got home, it POURED, luckily we just missed it ๐Ÿ™‚

Ben Folds & “NoDa” – Charlotte, NC

Our weekend in Charlotte was great because I got to get off the computer, and went somewhere new. I haven’t done either of those in a while so it was very appreciated.

Friday night entailed the “ditch a car in a parking lot and hope no one tows you game”, followed by a Ben Folds show at the Fillmore. The Ben Folds show as AWESOME. I have seen him twice before in Blacksburg, VA and then later that week in Charlottesville, VA when he was with a full band and was blown away. This past show was Ben Folds playing solo. It was definitely different, but was not disappointing. The highlight is definitely the fact that we were the first crowd he ever tried Chatroulette with :-). He put his laptop on top of his piano and then logged into this random video chat program called Chatroulette. Here is the video he recorded on his computer that has gotten millions of views on YouTube:

Now that Ben Folds show was a complete success, we only had one other “must do” item for the weekend. That was to hit up Cabo Fish Taco, one of our favorite dining establishments in Blacksburg, VA that we knew had a second location in Charlotte. The Charlotte Cabo was just as awesome as the one in Blacksburg, and their margaritas were just as good too. The time we spent in the North Davidson (“NoDa”) district of Charlotte was our favorite. I even tweeted about it.

Because I was more in relax mode I didn’t carry my camera around with me at all during the weekend. What this meant was no handstand picture… I realized this before I left town, so I went ahead and pulled off on a random street while it was raining and did one. I hope to return to Charlotte and get a cool handstand in “NoDa”, but for now I have a handstand in Charlotte!

Lost Handstand Found! – Natural Bridge

The Handstands in Virginia were looking a little thin, so I looked into it and found that I was missing a Handstand from Natural Bridge! Sweet!

Table Rock Summit – Pickens, South Carolina

New Handstands from Table Rock State Park in South Carolina!

I’m on a plane!

For those of you that have not heard, I gave in and got the motorolla droid phone. Having an internet enabled phone with the ability to run applications is a HUGE gamechanger. I personally love it and even though it is slightly less “slick” than the iPhone, I love the fact that it has an open application market and runs on a non-proprietary OS (correct me if I am wrong). I have already had multiple moments where this phone has been invaluable. So, what am I saying? If you have it within your means and love technology, I highly suggest getting a phone capable of running Android 2.0 or higher this year. I love the iPhone, but would definitely reccomend getting an Android based phone because 2010 will be FULL of them I would guess that android will have the best market and will be neck and neck with any iPhone features. Plus.. free gps with always up to date info. Anyways… I digress from the subject some, but it comes down to the fact that I am writiting this ON A PLANE! w00t.

This week we’ve got san antonio and you KNOW that means new handstands, so watch out! Also, I will be representing www.samedwardsphotography.com this Saturday for the St. Mars wedding unofficially. I was actually offered the job as official, but I want to make sure I am confident I will get the shots that a bride wants and that comes from experience!

Anyways, watch out, and keep handstanding!

OIL – Gas Prices

I don’t know what’s really going on with this whole oil thing, but the fluxuation in Gas prices over the last year has been insane.

In July of last year before my roadtrip, I commented on how cheap $3.76 a gallon was.

Does this help fuel (no pun intended) the argument that everything is relative?

Nashville Tennessee Weekend

Kristen and I checked out Nashville for the first time this past weekend. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. Our favorite part of the trip was the Bluebird Cafe.

Here is a picture from the General Jackson Riverboat with the AT&T a.k.a. “Batman Building” in the background.

National Lampoon’s Family Vacation – Natural Bridge, VA

I’m embarking on the first trip in a LONG time with my whole immediate family. We’ll be going to Natural Bridge, VA in the morning and then down to Greenville, SC for Sunday and Monday.

I have driven by Natural Bridge probably more than 100 times on I-81, and never figured it had much there. My mom has heard much about it, including some caverns there and something else at night. I hope that it has something exciting that I never knew about! Anyways, family time is good, it is especially good to get off the computer since I have been on one since Monday morning practically. Here’s to a good weekend! *Cheers*

Always Another Voyage Just Around the Corner

Averaging 2,000 Miles/Month

I got my car worked on this weekend and right now I have 117,000 miles on it. As of July 2nd last year, I had 91,052 miles on my car. That equates to a whopping 25,948 miles in the past 13 months… Which (if you allow me to round the numbers) would mean 26,000 miles in 13 months.

Average Mileage per Month = 2,000 miles. How ridiculous is that??

Coming to D.C.!

I’ll be coming up to the D.C. area yet again! I leave tomorrow morning and will be coming to the D.C. area by way of Blacksburg, VA. I’ll be in town until early Saturday morning (the 15th) when I’ll drive my parents down here to South Carolina to check it out! It will add a little over 1,000 more miles on the car. I’ve got a bunch going on, but if you’d like to hang out, let me know! Right now I’m really only free possibly on next Wednesday, Thursday and possibly on Friday.

Moment of Zen

Hopefully these views will help you connect with your hippie zen-like karma filled side. I took them both in the last week in a half.

Nags Head Pier, slightly brightened. Taken after the 4th of July Fireworks.

Roadside, I-66 on the way to Northern, Virginia

Atlantic City – Jason’s Bachelor Party

We headed up to Atlantic City this past Saturday for Jason’s Bachelor party…

[View Slideshow]

This SCREAMS Bachelor Party [Flickr]

Why so sad? [Flickr]

Johnny Rockets [Flickr]

Ballys Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA [Flickr]
After a delicious Johnny Rockets dinner in Atlantic City.

Caesars, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA [Flickr]
Mega windy, and kinda wet. Perfect boardwalk weather… not. So we hit the casinos.

Steven is SOO cool! [Flickr]

Heading Down into the Casino [Flickr]

Well, that was fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Definitely lost too much gambling, but I had fun… Blackjack is EVIL!


Atlanta[View Slideshow]

Kristen and I went on our first excursion to (Say in southern accent) Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend.

What’s up ATL [Flickr]

Downtown Atlanta from our Perspective [Flickr]

World of Coca-Cola [Flickr]

Atlanta Aquarium Silhouette [Flickr]

Atlanta Aquarium (The OMG Window) [Flickr]

Atlanta Aquarium (The OMG Window) [Flickr]

Atlanta Aquarium Tunnel – Atlanta, Georgia [Flickr]

Shark [Flickr]

Shark! [Flickr]

Nearly 20 foot long Whale Sharks [Flickr]

Handstand Portal [Flickr]

Another World [Flickr]

Shark! [Flickr]

Shark! [Flickr]

Atlanta Aquarium Tunnel [Flickr]

Sting Ray [Flickr]

Kristen and Starfish [Flickr]

Piranas waiting for blood… [Flickr]

Where’s Nemo? [Flickr]

Poisionous Fish [Flickr]

Atlanta Handstand [Flickr]

Did you know?

Milepost 159.15 is where the chesapeake bay watershed ends on I-81.

Snowboarding in Keystone, Colorado

We went to Keystone today. It snowed all day… and it’s still snowing right now.

Pretty Creek by the Gondola

Keystone Handstand

Video of me riding in the snow… you get a better feel for the AMOUNT of snow out here. Soo awesome.

Breckenridge, Colorado

After getting delayed for an hour at Regan National Airport, we got to our Detroit and had 2 minutes to make our connection. We SPRINTED and made it (they were gonna hold it for 10 minutes supposedly but it’s hard to trust their word)

Got into Denver just before 9pm, and after dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, got up to Silverthorne at 1am Mountain time. Went to bed around 3… up just before 8, and out to Breckenridge.

First part of the day was alright, but was mostly trying to meet up with people. The 2nd half rocked, but I definitely have something going on (sick?) So, I’m getting to sleep early, but here are some pictures!

Blast From the Past – East Coast Beach Trip 2007

I’m deleting my wordpress blog that had 2 posts. Here is one of them from August 22nd, 2007.

Stop 1, Badin Lake Campground in the great state of North Carolina.
It was sooo hot here at night. They had nice facilities and a cool lake to swim in, but we didnโ€™t manage to get any lake pictures.

Stop 2, Surfside Beach, SC.

We stayed the Holiday Inn here which I personally thought was great because it was away from the crowds we saw as we drove through myrtle, and hey, we werenโ€™t camping :-)

Stop 4, Buck Hall Recreation Area in South Carolina.

We drove very quickly out of our campsite and straight to Charleston for the night .

Stop 5, Charleston, South Carolina

Stop 6, Hilton Head Island

The Holiday Inn (Oceanfront) is where we stated on Hilton Head Island, SC for two days. The first night there, we got suckered into a timeshare pitch which allowed us to eat dinner at The Crazy Crab.

Stop 7, Savannah, Georgia

Stop 8, Jacksonville, Flordia

Got to hang out w/my best friend from High School, Fred down in the JAX. Nightclubs on JAX Beach, Downtown, and a little Dave and Busters never hurt anyone. It was a blast!

New Mexico/Guadalupe Mtns Recap

I had an awesome time in New Mexico, “The land of enchantment”. I liked how open it was, and how pretty the desert could be. I think I also just had a good time hanging out, but yeah, good times and here are a few pics from it!

Hiking in the Guadalupe Mountains… “Top of Texas”

McKittrick Canyon

My friend I almost sat on….

Shotgun Shootin’

Carlsbad Cavern Spooking

Caverns Handstanding

HUGE Carlsbad Caverns

Offroading in the Guadalupes to Williams Ranch

Update – Made it to Oklahoma!

New Mexico was tons of fun and I am now with family in Oklahoma. I will make a post about all my cool shotgun shooting, four wheel driving, caving, hiking and more when I can!

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

I’m on my way, leaving Carlsbad, NM right now after updating my site ๐Ÿ™‚

Today: Guadalupe Peak which is the HIGHEST point in the State of Texas. Go big when in Texas I am told.

Tomorrow: McKittric Canyon and then off to Wade’s in Hobbs, NM.

The Truth is Out There (Roswell, NM)

My friend Kelly is kinda? obsessed with the X-Files and even met Gillian Anderson (Scully) on the set of the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno”.

So I looked around for anything X-Files and didn’t find too much. Just 4 posters in the UFO museum.

I did however find a green blow up martian at the car dealership.

Street Lamps with Alien Heads

And a real alien

Into New Mexico and White Sands

I went over “Raton Pass” on I-25 from Colorado into New Mexico, and I was welcomed to bright, hot and sunny New Mexico?

Well, Raton Pass is actually 7800 feet above sea level, and they forecasted another 1-3 inches of snow the day I was driving through. Crazy!

Anyways, I drove from 8am to just before 4 when I arrived in Alamogordo, NM and stayed for a hotel for the first time on this trip. It was the price of 2 nights at a nice campsite, but hey, it was gloomy, cold and wet.

The next morning I headed off to White Sands National Monument.

It got Jumped (this one is for Jill who I’ll be seeing in Greenville, SC along with Kristen)

Handstanded (with only 1 hand!)


Crazy Planes probably with bombs

And I headed out of the park at about 1215 because at 1230 the park was closed…

Official notice I got and I quote:

“On occasion, White Sands Missile Range conducts test which include flights of missiles ver the park. For this reason, and for your safety, we must evacuate the area today.

The Missile test is scheduled from 1300HRS. to 1400HRS.

The Visitor Center will be open for your enjoyment during the missile test. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

Kevin Schneider

So, I headed out on my way to Roswell…

Colorado Wrap-up

Colorado was great, although I don’t think I could fall in love with it until I could hit the slopes and ride some powder. It was cool, but it seemed like other places I have been on my trip and after over 2 months, and without much of a plan now, it had started to take a toll on my psyche. I mean, being on the trip is awesome, but I wasn’t doing much, and just felt I was wasting my time just sitting around. On a good note I did learn more about current college and professional football (in HD), touch up on my Beer Pong skills, and a little guitar hero.

I stayed with Mr. Cheato and got to recharge after exploring California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. I bought a childs fishing poll and tied a mouse on the end for endless fun with his two cats. After a while they were more interested in the fishing line though.

After 9 days of chilling (including my one day in Rocky Mountain National Park), I departed Lafayette, Colorado and headed down to Colorado Springs. I had a rough plan, but was really ready to head home. I had had enough. I was being very “cranky” to say the least because I just didn’t see the point to all this anymore. The reason I had been streching it out was so I could see my friend Wade in Hobbs, NM on the 18th of October when he was off of work.

Turning Point…

This the the picture that cost me nearly 100 dollars. Read here.

From that moment on, when I got my wallet back… Everything was good. I mean seriously, that would have been SUCKY if it had happened. No ID, no Money, no Credit Cards… duude…

So, I enjoyed that night hanging out with Mr. French and then hit the road bright and early with a smile.

Case of the Mondays

I got a handstand at the “Garden of the Gods” in Colorado Springs and then pulled onto CO-24 and took off at 50mph. A lady signaled me over. I thought gas cap? window?

Well, it was my wallet that I had on my bumper after my handstand… soo it had flown out with all my cash falling out too. I thanked her and quickly did a uturn as fast as possible, raced back and luckily GOT my wallet. Well… with the money gone. (About 80? 100? bucks) I saw a Waste Management driver picking it up when I got there so I know he didn’t take the money. Just SO glad I have my credit cards and ID though, phew!

Handstanding ain’t just another day in the office folks, it is hard work!

Thank you soo much to that lady that told me though, she is my hero ๐Ÿ™‚


Rocky Mountain National Park

I got outside, and I felt sane again!!!

I was told to check out the “Bear Lake” area of Rocky Mountain National Park. I did, and I went approximately 8 miles in this direction…

View Larger Map

I saw Mills Lake…

Awesome Views of Rocky Mountain National Park

And Elk on the way out.

After my hike I went and got a handstand at _____ hotel.


The Stanley Hotel is where The Shining was written and where the series was filmed, not the movie however.