I’m on a plane!

For those of you that have not heard, I gave in and got the motorolla droid phone. Having an internet enabled phone with the ability to run applications is a HUGE gamechanger. I personally love it and even though it is slightly less “slick” than the iPhone, I love the fact that it has an open application market and runs on a non-proprietary OS (correct me if I am wrong). I have already had multiple moments where this phone has been invaluable. So, what am I saying? If you have it within your means and love technology, I highly suggest getting a phone capable of running Android 2.0 or higher this year. I love the iPhone, but would definitely reccomend getting an Android based phone because 2010 will be FULL of them I would guess that android will have the best market and will be neck and neck with any iPhone features. Plus.. free gps with always up to date info. Anyways… I digress from the subject some, but it comes down to the fact that I am writiting this ON A PLANE! w00t.

This week we’ve got san antonio and you KNOW that means new handstands, so watch out! Also, I will be representing www.samedwardsphotography.com this Saturday for the St. Mars wedding unofficially. I was actually offered the job as official, but I want to make sure I am confident I will get the shots that a bride wants and that comes from experience!

Anyways, watch out, and keep handstanding!

Blog is Fixed!

I’ve noticed for quite a while that the main page of the blog was showing up oddly.  I finally took the 15 minutes to track it down today.  It was a missing </div> tag.  Go figure.

Where is the love for this blog?  I know I haven’t been to loving to the Handstands Across America blog lately, but I haven’t been traveling anywhere new lately.  We do have some handstands coming up in San Antonio, Texas soon so watch out for those.  Also, Saturday is a 12 of 12!

Random Handstands with MySQL and CSS Fix

Random Handstands

Well, it turns out that the “Random” handstands you see on the right were actually not all that random. They weren’t showing any from my roadtrip or beyond which was puzzling. I still don’t know exactly why that code didn’t work, but I have some that does now, which is less efficient (but works)!

For anyone who is a MySQL guru, I wanted to determine the MAX id, and then generate a random id off of that. Then using that id, retrieve the information.

I accomplish it by making 2 calls now:

  • Call 1 (Getting a Random id):
    • SELECT FLOOR(MAX(id) * RAND()) FROM `$this->table` LIMIT 1
  • Call 2 (Getting the properties out for that id):
    • SELECT `id`, `title`, `description`, `small` FROM `$this->table` WHERE id = $rand_id ORDER BY id LIMIT 1

How do I make a query that works in one shot, but accomplishes the same thing?


My About page was looking messed up as the footer came up and swallowed the entire page. I ended up fixing that thankfully though too. Yay for fixes!

Blogger vs Twitter

This is my first mobile blog post… because isnt this what twitter is for? I think I am going to start using this over twitter just because. What do you use?

GPS is Awesome!

The other day I was learning about cross country flight navigation using sectional charts, and an E6-B flight computer which is like a slide rule…

Anyways, I got some software for my computer to edit and create GPX data (A standard for manipulating. I can create routes in GPX format and put them on my Garmin Nuvi 750 🙂

The most awesome find was this site which allows you to download airports and navaids all OVER the place. Pretty sweet: http://www.navaid.com/GPX/