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Paris Mountain South Park – Sulphur Springs Trail

The Sulphur Springs trail at Paris Mountain State Park in South Carolina was a fun, short trail taking us about an hour and fifteen minutes to complete the 3 mile loop. This handstand is at the trailhead. I would have preferred to get one up at “Mountain Lake”, but will have to get that next time we are there.

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12 of 12 – November 2009

A full day of working from Arlington, then meeting up with people for Richard’s Bachelor Party.

1 of 12: suitcase livin [Flickr]

2 of 12: favorite coffee cup at home [Flickr]

3 of 12: no desk in arlington anymore. luckily for only 1 workday [Flickr]

4 of 12: moved office downstairs after lunch [Flickr]

5 of 12: Architecting! [Flickr]

11 of 12: waitimg forever for a check [Flickr]

6 of 12: cheese quesadilla [Flickr]

7 of 12: bachelor [Flickr]

8 of 12: lighting here sucks [Flickr]

9 of 12: round of shots [Flickr]

10 of 12: larry and rich. soooo dark in here [Flickr]

12 of 12: finally made it to shellys, a cigar bar in D.C. [Flickr]

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