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Averaging 2,000 Miles/Month

I got my car worked on this weekend and right now I have 117,000 miles on it. As of July 2nd last year, I had 91,052 miles on my car. That equates to a whopping 25,948 miles in the past 13 months… Which (if you allow me to round the numbers) would mean 26,000 miles in 13 months.

Average Mileage per Month = 2,000 miles. How ridiculous is that??

Coming to D.C.!

I’ll be coming up to the D.C. area yet again! I leave tomorrow morning and will be coming to the D.C. area by way of Blacksburg, VA. I’ll be in town until early Saturday morning (the 15th) when I’ll drive my parents down here to South Carolina to check it out! It will add a little over 1,000 more miles on the car. I’ve got a bunch going on, but if you’d like to hang out, let me know! Right now I’m really only free possibly on next Wednesday, Thursday and possibly on Friday.

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  1. BU

    Maybe we should merge our 12 of 12s over some steaks.

    Aug 04, 2009 @ 6:55 pm

  2. Sam E.

    Sounds awesome. I’ll have to talk to you offline to see if your dad is close cause I”m supposed to meet up with him too. Woo hoo! 12 steaks on 12 of 12!?

    Aug 04, 2009 @ 9:41 pm