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Car Handstand Fail

Don’t try this at home… or anywhere. Where do they get these people?

This is a Car Handstand FAIL from one of my favorite sites, FailBlog.org

Could You Have Sex A Little Quieter?

Upstairs Neighbors Having Sex
Image Source: momlogic.com

It is so incredibly aggravating having neighbors have sex SO loud that it wakes you up in the middle of the night. I have a hard enough time getting to sleep, but when I hear the floor shaking above me and hear high pitched sounds from a hyena while I’m trying to sleep, it really pisses me off! I should be asleep right now, but instead I’m awake and back at home because I had to get out of there. I felt like I was trapped like someone being torchered. Screw that, I am not dealing with those people any more. I have banged on the ceiling before but they don’t seem to give a crap. Should I go up and ask them if they’ve had any luck concieving? Or should I just kick him in the balls the next time I see him? AHHHHH!!!

I am not a person who gets riled up but I have been kept awake on too many occasions, and I am livid.

Word of advice for all you apartment shoppers out there. Get the top floor apartment. Pay the extra $50 dollars a month and consider it money well spent.

What the hell should I do? I really want this to stop.

National Lampoon’s Family Vacation – Natural Bridge, VA

I’m embarking on the first trip in a LONG time with my whole immediate family. We’ll be going to Natural Bridge, VA in the morning and then down to Greenville, SC for Sunday and Monday.

I have driven by Natural Bridge probably more than 100 times on I-81, and never figured it had much there. My mom has heard much about it, including some caverns there and something else at night. I hope that it has something exciting that I never knew about! Anyways, family time is good, it is especially good to get off the computer since I have been on one since Monday morning practically. Here’s to a good weekend! *Cheers*

August 2009 – 12 of 12

1 of 12: 1:19am… Time for bed.

2 of 12: 8:47am – Good Morning Coffee.

3 of 12: 10:58am Late Breakfast. Team Cheerios.

4 of 12: 12:50pm Status Reports are Painful

5 of 12: 1:26pm Time to Shave so I Can Go Into Public Later

6 of 12: 2:50pm Rushing Past Ballston to get on I-66 and Miss HOV-2 Restrictions

I figured out once I was on I-66, that restrictions we not until 4pm. Doh!

7 of 12: 3:25pm Panera “Iced Caramel” Coffee Drink at Herndon Panera. My Favorite.

8 of 12: 5:28pm documenting his Steak Grilling.

9 of 12: 5:42pm Delicious Steak and Yuengling.

10 of 12: 6:48pm Brian’s cat likes to talk, and has no plan on stopping.

11 of 12: 7:59pm Messing with the Google Earth API

12 of 12: 9:45pm Rebecca made it home!

12 of 12 Complete!

Photos are in this Flickr Photoset and here …

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Guy Dancing to Music While Handstanding in Paris

Today’s Moment of Zen:

Incubus at Merriweather Post Pavillion

Last night was awesome.
Incubus at Merriweather

Time Really Does Fly

One year ago I was here in Yellowstone National Park.

So amazing. Luckily things keep going well *knock on wood*, and today I am going to see Incubus, my favorite band of all time at Merriweather Post Pavillion. 🙂

I hope the concert is as amazing as I have been hoping it will be.

UPDATE (12:18am): Incubus rocked. Going to a show like that makes me love music. The opener “The Duke Spirit” on the other hand… not so hot.

Handstands Across the World

I created a Group for the “Handstands Across The World” site. Small progress, but any progress is good!

Random Handstands with MySQL and CSS Fix

Random Handstands

Well, it turns out that the “Random” handstands you see on the right were actually not all that random. They weren’t showing any from my roadtrip or beyond which was puzzling. I still don’t know exactly why that code didn’t work, but I have some that does now, which is less efficient (but works)!

For anyone who is a MySQL guru, I wanted to determine the MAX id, and then generate a random id off of that. Then using that id, retrieve the information.

I accomplish it by making 2 calls now:

  • Call 1 (Getting a Random id):
    • SELECT FLOOR(MAX(id) * RAND()) FROM `$this->table` LIMIT 1
  • Call 2 (Getting the properties out for that id):
    • SELECT `id`, `title`, `description`, `small` FROM `$this->table` WHERE id = $rand_id ORDER BY id LIMIT 1

How do I make a query that works in one shot, but accomplishes the same thing?


My About page was looking messed up as the footer came up and swallowed the entire page. I ended up fixing that thankfully though too. Yay for fixes!

Always Another Voyage Just Around the Corner

Averaging 2,000 Miles/Month

I got my car worked on this weekend and right now I have 117,000 miles on it. As of July 2nd last year, I had 91,052 miles on my car. That equates to a whopping 25,948 miles in the past 13 months… Which (if you allow me to round the numbers) would mean 26,000 miles in 13 months.

Average Mileage per Month = 2,000 miles. How ridiculous is that??

Coming to D.C.!

I’ll be coming up to the D.C. area yet again! I leave tomorrow morning and will be coming to the D.C. area by way of Blacksburg, VA. I’ll be in town until early Saturday morning (the 15th) when I’ll drive my parents down here to South Carolina to check it out! It will add a little over 1,000 more miles on the car. I’ve got a bunch going on, but if you’d like to hang out, let me know! Right now I’m really only free possibly on next Wednesday, Thursday and possibly on Friday.

P.I.M.P. my LIFE!

Pimp my Life!Not quite the MTV show… but I did get some major upgrades this weekend. I got a bed, and a microwave!

Maybe to you these things seem trivial. However, I have not had a bed in a place that I live in since June of last year (that’s 14 months ago). I was pretty psyched.

As far as the microwave goes… I could never bring myself to pay $50 or so for a microwave, and used a toaster over instead, which kinda works. I was walking to the pool on Saturday though and by the dumpster, a microwave! I spent 30 minuntes scrubbing it inside and out, and now it’s “brand new” for me.

I am now officially a yuppie? I don’t know, but come on and visit, I’ll pop you some popcorn in my microwave, and YOU can sleep on the floor :-p.