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Artsy Shots?

I played around with the camera tonight and got these two:

Fossil Watch at 110am [Flickr]
I’m trying to learn more about lighting, and this is a mix of lighting tricks and Photoshop.

Alvarez Guitar [Flickr]

Upcoming Handstands in Summer 2009

In the next 8 weeks, we should get handstands in…

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Outer Banks, NC
  • Smokey Mountain National Park

Just giving ya’ll the heads up. WATCH OUT for the ninja handstand kick!

Atlantic City – Jason’s Bachelor Party

We headed up to Atlantic City this past Saturday for Jason’s Bachelor party…

[View Slideshow]

This SCREAMS Bachelor Party [Flickr]

Why so sad? [Flickr]

Johnny Rockets [Flickr]

Ballys Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA [Flickr]
After a delicious Johnny Rockets dinner in Atlantic City.

Caesars, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA [Flickr]
Mega windy, and kinda wet. Perfect boardwalk weather… not. So we hit the casinos.

Steven is SOO cool! [Flickr]

Heading Down into the Casino [Flickr]

Well, that was fun 🙂 Definitely lost too much gambling, but I had fun… Blackjack is EVIL!

Outside My Window

2009-05 Outside My Window[View Slideshow]

I am up on the top floor of my new apartment and I have the birds, the bees and the rain visiting.

These HUGE Bumble Bee like things are EVERYWHERE [Flickr]

A peaceful nature backdrop [Flickr]

A branch in sunlight [Flickr]

Cleared for Landing [Flickr]

Virginia Cardinal in South Carolina [Flickr]

Cardinal Photo Op [Flickr]

Can we be friends? [Flickr]

May downpour off the roof [Flickr]

Drip [Flickr]

Afternoon Dove [Flickr]