Sales tax in South Carolina

So, it bummed me out that I got charged sales tax on my 1 year supply of contacts I just bought from 1800contacts.com. It is the first thing that will be shipped to my new apartment, and they said because you’re in SC, we’ll charge you tax. Whaaat? Boo! I looked it up…. and found http://www.sctax.org/News+Releases/Archived+News+Releases/2000+News+Releases/04140001.htm. I did all of my Christmas shopping online last year and I very much hate the whole shopping experience. Hopefully SC did not just Tax my American Freedoms. I mean, I thought this was the most Red state that you could get, doesn’t that mean less tax? I guess I’ll figure it out. But this is your word of warning. Think twice before moving somewhere… make sure you don’t get taxed on your internet purchases!

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