3 2 1 Contacts

My vision history is pretty straightforward. I’m nearsighted. In 10th grade, I got glasses to see in the back of the class and such. A prescription of -1.25 in both eyes. Time went on, and my sophomore year of college I got contacts:

Baileys Crossroads Hour Eyes Prescription -> Not bad, but eventually ran out.

Christiansburg Eye Doctor Prescription -> Acuvue Oasys = Corneal Ulcer = Not Fun

Another Christiansburg Eye Doctor Prescription -> Focus Night and Day = Still Dry eyes, but better, -1.50 in the left eye, and -1.75 for the right = at most can wear them during the day, but really red eyes if I wear them for long

MacDonald Eye in Ballston today: “You don’t need that much prescription, you are seeing better than 20/20 with -1.25 still, oh and these dont’ fit very well, try this other kind… AND THEY FIT PERFECTLY. It was amazing, that feeling where you have contacts on but don’t actually feel them. Wow, that makes sense. So Hopefully these will work out well when I get them! I went through so much discomfort and non vision because of shitty eye doctors. WTF.

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