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HDMI Cable Prices

This stuff is ridiculously priced! I got 3, 6 ft cables online for less than 10 dollars the other day… including shipping! Walmart ftl


Atlanta[View Slideshow]

Kristen and I went on our first excursion to (Say in southern accent) Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend.

What’s up ATL [Flickr]

Downtown Atlanta from our Perspective [Flickr]

World of Coca-Cola [Flickr]

Atlanta Aquarium Silhouette [Flickr]

Atlanta Aquarium (The OMG Window) [Flickr]

Atlanta Aquarium (The OMG Window) [Flickr]

Atlanta Aquarium Tunnel – Atlanta, Georgia [Flickr]

Shark [Flickr]

Shark! [Flickr]

Nearly 20 foot long Whale Sharks [Flickr]

Handstand Portal [Flickr]

Another World [Flickr]

Shark! [Flickr]

Shark! [Flickr]

Atlanta Aquarium Tunnel [Flickr]

Sting Ray [Flickr]

Kristen and Starfish [Flickr]

Piranas waiting for blood… [Flickr]

Where’s Nemo? [Flickr]

Poisionous Fish [Flickr]

Atlanta Handstand [Flickr]

Greenville SC Nightlife…

Wild Wings. More to follow…

5 Reasons why SC might not be too bad

Reasons why SC isn’t too bad:

  1. Today
  2. Friday
  3. Saturday
  4. Sunday
  5. Monday

Can you beat that forecast?

I got my keys last night.. but they didn’t open my apartment. Better success today is hoped for today 🙂 My mom and bro will be in Atlanta this weekend, and it looks like Kristen and I might get to meet up with them on Saturday at “Six Flags Over Georgia“. Sweeeeet.

Sales tax in South Carolina

So, it bummed me out that I got charged sales tax on my 1 year supply of contacts I just bought from 1800contacts.com. It is the first thing that will be shipped to my new apartment, and they said because you’re in SC, we’ll charge you tax. Whaaat? Boo! I looked it up…. and found http://www.sctax.org/News+Releases/Archived+News+Releases/2000+News+Releases/04140001.htm. I did all of my Christmas shopping online last year and I very much hate the whole shopping experience. Hopefully SC did not just Tax my American Freedoms. I mean, I thought this was the most Red state that you could get, doesn’t that mean less tax? I guess I’ll figure it out. But this is your word of warning. Think twice before moving somewhere… make sure you don’t get taxed on your internet purchases!

Ben and Jerry Free Cone Day is a Sham!

bogus! i want my ice cream!

Bristol, England

I got an email yesterday from someone asking to use a picture I had taken of the Bristol Bridge in Bristol, England. It seems like I might get paid for it so it will be my first step into “professional” photography! I would put up the photo, but I want to see how this works first. I know they want sole rights to the image for 3 months, so I don’t wanna break that. Pretty awesome though!

Here is a DIFFERENT image, that I took from the same night 🙂

On another note, www.foreignaffairs.us IS a auto shop. I knew it had to be. I always see it driving down I-81 on my way to Virginia Tech. So, that mystery is solved 🙂

Did you know?

Milepost 159.15 is where the chesapeake bay watershed ends on I-81.

Foreign Affairs

What is foreignaffairs.us? Exit 213B on I-81. I would guess an auto shop?

On my route to Greenville,

On my route to Greenville, SC via I-81, I pass Greenville, VA | Blacksburg,VA | Blacksburg, SC | Greenville, SC. Whoa.

Blogger vs Twitter

This is my first mobile blog post… because isnt this what twitter is for? I think I am going to start using this over twitter just because. What do you use?

Packing for the Move to Greenville, SC…

Almost done packing! Will finish in the morning, and Monday morning it is bon voyage! Blacksburg, VA -> Greenville, South Carolina! It’s crazy, but I’m pumped 🙂

3 2 1 Contacts

My vision history is pretty straightforward. I’m nearsighted. In 10th grade, I got glasses to see in the back of the class and such. A prescription of -1.25 in both eyes. Time went on, and my sophomore year of college I got contacts:

Baileys Crossroads Hour Eyes Prescription -> Not bad, but eventually ran out.

Christiansburg Eye Doctor Prescription -> Acuvue Oasys = Corneal Ulcer = Not Fun

Another Christiansburg Eye Doctor Prescription -> Focus Night and Day = Still Dry eyes, but better, -1.50 in the left eye, and -1.75 for the right = at most can wear them during the day, but really red eyes if I wear them for long

MacDonald Eye in Ballston today: “You don’t need that much prescription, you are seeing better than 20/20 with -1.25 still, oh and these dont’ fit very well, try this other kind… AND THEY FIT PERFECTLY. It was amazing, that feeling where you have contacts on but don’t actually feel them. Wow, that makes sense. So Hopefully these will work out well when I get them! I went through so much discomfort and non vision because of shitty eye doctors. WTF.

It’s nice outside

So, today was pretty dreary on and off, but I had a good day none the less. I made a “checklist” to start my day, and got through most everything. I went for a run, I made a doctors appointment, did my laundry and so forth. I also went out tonight and saw a bunch of people I haven’t seen in a long time. It was a good day, and I complement it on mixing things up, and getting off our butts to go do something. Sure, we’re nerds and we can still “Tweet” or “Blog” about it, but it certainly provides better content than “I watched a re-run of ‘Everyone Loves Raymond'” :-p

I met up with my friend Travis, Lisa and Z, as well as their friends Liz and Sam at Fodo’s in Chinatown.

I Then managed to truck it out to Jammin Java in Vienna to see Stanley Chong’s band “Taking Saturn”. These guys are good. Drummer = Best one I know, Guitarist = Awesome, Singer & Bassist = Really good. They were really tight and put on a good show. I also liked the fact that they were genuine and nice. I thought they sounded like a mix of Blue October and Linkin Park. When I told people they sounded like Blue October after the show I got some weird faces, but hey, it’s what I thought.

Check them out: http://www.myspace.com/takingsaturn

UPDATE: TwitPic is HIGHLY unreliable, this is now on flickr.

Backyard Life

I took a lunch break and took some pictures in the yard today. Then tonight, I played around with a few, and here they are.

Pretty Flower [Flickr]

Perched Robin [Flickr]

April 2009 "12 of 12"

April’s 12 of 12 was on Easter Sunday. I mostly spent the day cleaning, and hanging out. It was a nice and sunny day, although it was slightly chilly at the same time. My cell phone failed on me and the pictures I did take didn’t save correctly. This means no picture from playing tennis around noon, and no picture of Dan I jamming around after dinner. In any case, here is my official 12 of 12 for April. It was created using a new php script I just wrote!

10:10am | Breakfast [Flickr]
Mom was so nice to have made breakfast and left it for us lazy kids who slept in!

11:17am | Dad and “Kitty” [Flickr]
They have a understanding.

1:16pm | A well used piece of plastic. [Flickr]
I attempted to organize my electronics using this dresser because I have them scattered all over the place!

3:37pm | Grapes, a healthy snack. [Flickr]

4:35pm | Catnap [Flickr]
It definitely seemed like this would be a good idea, but I never got a chance to take one.

4:50pm | Dirty Car? [Flickr]
Today was overall cleaning day, and car cleaning was not left out.

7:27pm | Sunday Potluck [Flickr]
The food is always delicious and bountiful. It is always a highlight of the week 🙂

7:29pm | Running away from the camera [Flickr]
“J” wanted to run away from the camera, and thoroughly like this game. He didn’t like the idea not being able to play with the camera himself though.

7:32pm | Dan and Conor [Flickr]
They are always up to something.

8:17pm | Light games [Flickr]
Dan shows his perfected skills of light painting after dinner.

8:24pm | “Kids” [Flickr]
Here are most all of the kids of the Sunday potlucks. Lots of fun.

10:08pm | On the Bluetooth for a late call [Flickr]
I found my Bluetooth headset today while cleaning and put it to go use!

Last time in the sky (for a bit)

Sadly, I had to leave the Hokie Flying Club, who I learned how to fly with. I got to fly for the last time (for now) this past Tuesday. I was in Blacksburg to fly, resign from the club and to work.

I got to stay in the Microtel for 2 of the 5 days I was there and here is my lovely bed……….

As far as flying goes, we went up for a “Scenic Review” as it states in my log.

We did notice that the plane’s log book had an unusual entry from the day before… Check it out in a large size to see what I’m talking about.

We finished flying an hour earlier than expected, so I used that time to sneak over to the Tech Bookstore and grab something to help my transition to being a South Carolinian. I got some Hokie “Croakies”.

Sooo, that is that. I’m back in Arlington for now with a move-in date of April 30th!