Breckenridge, Colorado

After getting delayed for an hour at Regan National Airport, we got to our Detroit and had 2 minutes to make our connection. We SPRINTED and made it (they were gonna hold it for 10 minutes supposedly but it’s hard to trust their word)

Got into Denver just before 9pm, and after dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, got up to Silverthorne at 1am Mountain time. Went to bed around 3… up just before 8, and out to Breckenridge.

First part of the day was alright, but was mostly trying to meet up with people. The 2nd half rocked, but I definitely have something going on (sick?) So, I’m getting to sleep early, but here are some pictures!

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  1. Phoetra

    Sounds like my start to the new year, injury and ssetrs!! Ugh! But have just recently recommitted to take control back of myself and my health and get started. I have always done my workouts after work, but my kids activities took priority and I couldn’t seem to fit it in! So I had to make a sacrifice and start getting up at 5am (and believe me, that is the hardest part for me) to get my work out in. Before anyone (kids, husband & work) started making demands on my time. Mommy time..Me time..the time that is necessary for me to feel good about myself! I am finding so many great advantages of that early time that I didn’t get from my PM workouts.. The biggest being that I am not feeling the guilt from my family for not being there for them.

    Aug 01, 2014 @ 2:30 pm