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Snowboarding in Keystone, Colorado

We went to Keystone today. It snowed all day… and it’s still snowing right now.

Pretty Creek by the Gondola

Keystone Handstand

Video of me riding in the snow… you get a better feel for the AMOUNT of snow out here. Soo awesome.

Breckenridge, Colorado

After getting delayed for an hour at Regan National Airport, we got to our Detroit and had 2 minutes to make our connection. We SPRINTED and made it (they were gonna hold it for 10 minutes supposedly but it’s hard to trust their word)

Got into Denver just before 9pm, and after dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, got up to Silverthorne at 1am Mountain time. Went to bed around 3… up just before 8, and out to Breckenridge.

First part of the day was alright, but was mostly trying to meet up with people. The 2nd half rocked, but I definitely have something going on (sick?) So, I’m getting to sleep early, but here are some pictures!

February 2009 – 12 of 12 (but took my time getting it posted)

So “12 of 12” is a creepy thing where someone takes 12 pictures throughout the day, on the 12th day of the month, in order to share what happens from their point of view. It’s kind of like real world, on the local cable access station… Anyways, I know I find it amusing to check out others, so hopefully you’ll be amused as well. Here are 2 people I know that did one as well…

Uri’s 12 of 12
Mike’s 12 of 12

And here is mine:

(1)6:30am, Wake up, put on your red socks because they are comfortable and you work from home.

(2)7:15am, Avoid the “traffic jams” in the bathroom.

(3)10:00am, Working is hard when you have 68 degree weather in February just outside that window.

(4)12:15pm Get out for lunch, go to Wal-Mart, buy some Eggplant, Onions, Potatoes, Tomatoes… Going to make curried eggplant for the first time

(5)3pm, Keep on workin.

(6)5pm, Chop them up!

(7) 6pm, “Pilates” with Kristen. It definitely works your abs… don’t laugh until you’ve tried.

(8) 6:30pm, Finally cooking up some Potatoes and Onion.

(9)6:45pm, Really, I am cooking!

(10)7:20pm, enjoying a Sierra Nevada with dinner.

(11)Dessert thanks to Kristen.

(12)9pm-11pm, Do not disturb them when Grey’s anatomy is on, if you want to walk out alive!

Final Thoughts:
Man, that cookie was good!

Backstage at the 930 Club

Getting to hang out backstage at the 930 club while Thievery Corporation was definitely a highlight of my life. I hold 930 club as the most intimate place to see a show in D.C., especially for seeing bigger acts, but it was even more special when you get to see it from a new perspective.

Reasons for awesomeness:

  1. Watching a huge crowd from the artists perspective.
  2. Seeing the band up close and personal.
  3. Free drinks.
  4. The awesome feeling of being “special”.

Shoutouts to Andy, Mike, Annie, Marc, Mike and Ben’s Chili Bowl. Had an awesome time! We went on January 30th, 2009.

Thievery Corporation – 930 Club – Tuesday Show

Tuesday Night, met up with Steve and Erin to go to the Thievery Corporation Show @ the 930 club. We took the metro over, and got in just before the show was starting. We had been looking forward to this for a while, and had bought tickets about a month prior (which was necessary) because they sold out.

Chance had it that I saw my friend Brittany there and we all got to hang out. She’s left the next day or so to head out to Utah to go snowboarding at Park City which sounds almost as cool as our upcoming Colorado trip!

We worked our way up the right side of the club and got pretty awesome views of the band. (It’s hard to have a bad view at the 930 club.)

The show was really awesome, and we got to talk to my friend Andy who was working Lighting after the show was over. Brittany and I had been talking about our photo hobby and how cool a press pass would be. So… I asked for one… and got a pass… That would lead me to going to their show this past Friday which I will post about soon (It was even more amazing!).

I have been listening to their CDs a lot recently, and here are two of the more popular songs you might recognize:

Lebanese Blonde

Richest Man in Babylon