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Blast From the Past – East Coast Beach Trip 2007

I’m deleting my wordpress blog that had 2 posts. Here is one of them from August 22nd, 2007.

Stop 1, Badin Lake Campground in the great state of North Carolina.
It was sooo hot here at night. They had nice facilities and a cool lake to swim in, but we didn’t manage to get any lake pictures.

Stop 2, Surfside Beach, SC.

We stayed the Holiday Inn here which I personally thought was great because it was away from the crowds we saw as we drove through myrtle, and hey, we weren’t camping :-)

Stop 4, Buck Hall Recreation Area in South Carolina.

We drove very quickly out of our campsite and straight to Charleston for the night .

Stop 5, Charleston, South Carolina

Stop 6, Hilton Head Island

The Holiday Inn (Oceanfront) is where we stated on Hilton Head Island, SC for two days. The first night there, we got suckered into a timeshare pitch which allowed us to eat dinner at The Crazy Crab.

Stop 7, Savannah, Georgia

Stop 8, Jacksonville, Flordia

Got to hang out w/my best friend from High School, Fred down in the JAX. Nightclubs on JAX Beach, Downtown, and a little Dave and Busters never hurt anyone. It was a blast!

Musical talent!?

How far can someone go without learning to read sheet music? Well… I’m still going but I guess I haven’t gone too far. I know “F.A.C.E” for treble clef, that’s about as far as it goes. My brother got me a book that should help me learn but I have been too stubborn so far to use it.

Anyways, I have been told that I have the tendency to go flat when singing. Last night I felt like I began to get past that. About a 2 hour singing/guitar/piano session and I was doing much better. I heard the notes in my head, before anything came out of my mouth, and I was able to hit notes that are usually a struggle for me. Previously I’d do my best first shot, and then to try and “climb” up to reach them when I realized I wasn’t right on.

Whats the point? -> Well, It seems like a “duh” moment, but I believe I have had an epiphany where if I conciously picture the note in my head before letting it come out of my mouth, it works. That’s all. Anyone do something similar?

Move over Paparazzi

The Flash is here…



I got an email this morning from REI asking for outdoor member photos. I looked through all 80 or so of them that they had and a lot of them reminded me of places I had been on my trip. In order to hopefully get my handstanding out in the public realm a little, I sent them the picture of me doing a handstand at Guadalupe Peak (8,751ft) which is the “Top of Texas”. I sent them this one because no one had a picture from Texas.

And now that I am writing this out, I realized I have a picture from “Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park which I will also upload because I did not see any from there!

I hope REI likes them and adds them to their photo gallery!

Survey about the size of photos on my site:
A: Keep large pictures because I love seeing them so big on your site!
B: Use the smaller images so I can read what you’re saying, then if I want to see the picture bigger, I can click on it.