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Christmas Card

I made my family get together for a picture this past Sunday afternoon for a holiday card. You might be lucky enough to get one of these in the mail at somepoint, but in case you don’t, this one is for you!

Best responses so far:

  • “Wow, you have a big cat!” -Mom’s Co-worker
  • “How did you manage to get your cat in a Santa Suit?” -Mom’s Co-worker

My co-workers are cool

I thought this was pretty funny, haha.

i am just printing something random to the console and it works

you are a GOD

lol, i made alot of mistakes, like the dinosaurs


but least i turned em into oil

Home is where the heart is

Total Mileage From Home -> Home… 12,538.7

This included the following States:

  1. Virginia
  2. Maryland
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. West Virginia
  5. Ohio
  6. Indiana
  7. Illinois
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Minnesota
  10. South Dakota
  11. Wyoming
  12. Montana
  13. Washington
  14. Portland
  15. California
  16. Nevada
  17. Arizona
  18. Utah
  19. Colorado
  20. New Mexico
  21. Texas
  22. Oklahoma
  23. Arkansas
  24. Tennessee
  25. Mississippi
  26. Alabama
  27. Georgia
  28. South Carolina
  29. North Carolina

And Canadian Providences:

  1. British Columbia
  2. Alberta

Stump – A New (To Me) Tailgating Game Review

I was introduced to a new tailgating game called stump… it was pretty fun 🙂

Players 2+
Age range Legal drinking age
Setup time 5 minutes


  • 1 Hammer
  • 1 Tree stump or flat portion of tree trunk
  • 1 2.5″ – 3″ Nail per player
  • Beer

It involves flipping a hammer, earning the right to strike nails and keeping your nail as the last one standing!

Check out the offical rules on Wikipedia.

(Image taken from Wikipedia)

Hokies win, 23-13 over Maryland

So, it’s been awesome being down in Blacksburg the past week. I’ve got to hang out with a lot of friends I haven’t seen in a long time, get re-checked out on the Cessna, and work from the office.

Got to go to the game last night, which rocked. I met up with my Steve and tailgated. Cops were going a little crazy because they gave someones dad a ticket for drinking in public ($25 ticket), and then I heard that during half time they started coming and towing cars out of their yard… The landlord showed up, drunk people were yelling, cops were working things out, tow trucks were messing up cars trying to get them out…

Anyways, the rule was, put your drink in a cup and you will be fine.

Didn’t get a turkey leg this time, but they are delicious.


Maroon and Orange on the face, need to go full face/chest next year cause this looks a lil… lame.

We win!

VT Hokies Haloween Pumpkin

VT Hokies Haloween Pumpkin, originally uploaded by Sam E..

Go Hokies! I am in Blacksburg for the week and get to at least tailgate for the Maryland game on Thursday!

Other Handstanders

I was looking through my pictures and realized I should pay tribute to some other friends who are awesome:

Jason (Shacks Beach, Puerto Rico):

Brian (“The Summit”, Not quite sure):

Jill (Roosevelt Island, New York):

Rebecca (Cove Campground, Gore, VA):