Case of the Mondays

I got a handstand at the “Garden of the Gods” in Colorado Springs and then pulled onto CO-24 and took off at 50mph. A lady signaled me over. I thought gas cap? window?

Well, it was my wallet that I had on my bumper after my handstand… soo it had flown out with all my cash falling out too. I thanked her and quickly did a uturn as fast as possible, raced back and luckily GOT my wallet. Well… with the money gone. (About 80? 100? bucks) I saw a Waste Management driver picking it up when I got there so I know he didn’t take the money. Just SO glad I have my credit cards and ID though, phew!

Handstanding ain’t just another day in the office folks, it is hard work!

Thank you soo much to that lady that told me though, she is my hero 🙂


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  1. annie

    wow, you are so lucky! that lady give me hope for humanity

    Oct 14, 2008 @ 7:13 am

  2. Sam

    I know, I don’t even like thinking about having not found it… phew. She is a awesome lady… Wish I could give her a reward, I did say thanks and waved though, suppose the best I could do.

    I feel bad though cause I see hitchhikers sometimes, and saw a family today, but i didn’t see a broken down car or anything, and I don’t have room but for one person if I move my stuff around, and I don’t want anything to get stolen. I feel like karma tells me to pick them up, but it’s just not safe by myself :-/

    Well, hopefully I can contribute to Karma more!

    Oct 14, 2008 @ 2:49 pm