Rocky Mountain National Park

I got outside, and I felt sane again!!!

I was told to check out the “Bear Lake” area of Rocky Mountain National Park. I did, and I went approximately 8 miles in this direction…

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I saw Mills Lake…

Awesome Views of Rocky Mountain National Park

And Elk on the way out.

After my hike I went and got a handstand at _____ hotel.


The Stanley Hotel is where The Shining was written and where the series was filmed, not the movie however.

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  1. Derek

    hellO! my name is Derek Emery and i met you at Yosemite at the backpackers campground after your hike and before my own. your blog is really, really great. i looked through a ton of the hand stand photos. i laughed a bunch. this handstand idea was such a good one. kudos. anyhow, hope the trip is going well you continue to enjoy yourself. good luck in life. here is the link to the blog i made of our trip. not as in depth or as awesome as yours but pretty cool none the less: http://goldenpyramidwizards.blogspot.com/

    Oct 22, 2008 @ 11:43 am