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"The Narrows" – Zion National Park

As recommened by Tom, my Grand Canyon Guide, I checked out Zion Adventure Company and got the gear I needed to do “The Narrows”. It is basically a river going through a REALLY tall canyon. I got:
-Walking Stick
-Dry Bag (For Camera and wallet)

Here is what I saw. Enjoy.

Before getting back on the shuttle down to the visitors center…

It was definitely a unique hike. I enjoyed it, and it wore me out. Hiking up a stream is more work than you’d think. I was able to recharge with a delicious Burrito and then put together these pics for you. Angel’s Landing tomorrow morning, and then off to Bryce Canyon National Park!

I call Zion my home (for 2.5 days)

I finished the Grand Canyon Backpacking trip yesterday, and celebrated with two 8 minute showers. I was all lathered up when the shower cut off during the first one, and had to go get more quarters, was quite funny.

After being clean, I then proceeded to “We Cook Pizza and Pasta”, and bought a personal Hawaiian Pizza. It was sooo good. I was able then to relax and use the internet for a bit and put together my 20some panoramas from the Grand Canyon.

This morning I left the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and headed towards Zion National Park. On the way I went past Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon Dam.

I then proceeded to go a little out of my way to hit up “Tuba City”. My brother is a AWESOME tuba player and I thought it might be cool. Well… it was a Navajo town, and it was small…. That’s about it. Then continued on and hit a Subway at somepoint with Wi-Fi where I was able to get up to date on all my handstands

Zion had an awesome tunnel, and so did Yosemite. I am so impressed with the National Park roads. They are really great.

I am staying at the Comfort Inn/RV Park-ish thing here just outside of the park for two nights. I rented some “canyoning” gear from the Zion Adventure Company across the street and tomorrow I will be doing “The Narrows”. Wednesday I will do Angel’s Landing before heading onto Bryce National Park.

What’s Missing?

Well, I have been doing a lot/driving a lot and haven’t got to post everything.

I still need to post about my Yosemite Backpacking Trip, Death Valley National Park, Las Vegas and to update my handstands, I’ve got a bunch more. But I have no more internet for today, and don’t know when the next time will be with a decent connection. Hopefully soon. Cheers!

Grand Canyon, Panoramic Style

So I went on another REI Adventures trip this week which was a blast. We hiked down the New Hanse Trail and hit the Colorado River, Tonto Plateau and finished up using Grandview Trail. 3 days down in a beautiful place. Check it out.

Half Dome Hike in Yosemite

Well… ~16 miles round trip, and 4700 feet up, then 4700 feet down. Brutal? Awesome.

Parking Lot

100,000 MILES

Guys Eating Stuff in San Francisco! (Dungeness Crabs)

So, I am currently staying in Berkeley, CA with my friend Alice who works/goes to school at UC Berkeley. Yesterday I slept a lot, and today I am going to do the same. My goal is to get “bored” because I am doing a backpacking trip this weekend in Yosemite, and one the week after in the Grand Canyon and I want to have a little energy/exploration inside me.

Some of Alice’s awesome friends in San Francisco were celebrating a birthday. So, the 5 of us went to PPQ Dungeness Island and got the Dinner for 6. Here is how it went:

Got off at the Civic Center stop near the Capital. There was some sort of hispanic celebration as can be seen in the photo. Not sure what for…

Ordered the “Dinner for 6” (There were 5 of us)

  • Imperial Rolls
  • Papaya Salad with Beef
  • Roasted Crab
  • Peppercorn Crab
  • Five Spices Chicken
  • Steamed Shiitake Seabass
  • Braised String Beans
  • House Garlic Noodles
  • Deep Fried Banana with Ice Cream

We all had bibs tied on by our waiter. I guess I should shave?

Here is the bib…

And an imported Vietnamese beer

I didn’t get pictures of this really good “green papaya salad” with seasoned beef in it. SOO good. And we also had some other kind of egg rollish things with pork in them. Oh, and the DELICIOUS sea bass. Soo very good.

Crab #1, Butter and Garlic

Garlic Noodles

Crab #2, some other seasoning




A WARM refreshing towel

Birthday Girl and Collins

Fried Banana with some sort of mango and vanilla ice cream

Handstanded with ALL that food in my belly!

Give me your best Capitains Face!

Soo, whose captain face turned out better? ROCK THE VOTE/BOAT!

Subject A

Subject B

San Fran Sisqo

Pictures from the Napa Valley Wine tour are on a plane bound for South Carolina and will appear after a bit. We actually attempted a 12 of 12! I’ll post it after we get pictures.

Here are some pictures of the day after in San Fran!

Golden Gate couple shot

The Girl

The windswept Guy

The Lovely Hotel, oh I mean Alcatraz

San Fran from Lombard Street

Looking up Lombard

Golden gate in the fog

The ferry building

Yellow streetcar?

Am I in L.A.?

Uh… what?

“That’s what she said!”

Ghirardelli Square!

Anyone out there?

one of the 7 hills of San Francisco

Oregon Coast, Redwood National Park (Day 48-49)

Crater Lake Fakeout

Soo… detour. I saw the sign along the highway, 138 was closed east of such and such due to brush fires. This sign was right next to where I was going to turn off, but was too busy on the phone to realize that 138 was still a ways away. Anyways, I felt smart when I thought I was beating the system, and took a 17 mile (oh my god, we might die by falling off, or hitting one of the deer I saw) road. Then after managing to make the “quickest” way over to 138… I realized, IT was the one with the brush fire… sooo, I scoured my maps, and there really was no way except backtracking at least 1.5 hours, and still having a ways after that, or just going way out of the way.

I decided to pick up a red bull, and head for the coast. Only had one deer in the incoming lane. The 3 others I saw along this “midnight” voyage were off the road to the right. I took 42 west, and took the 42S off to the coast where I pulled into a parking lot for the night. I was going to sleep in the front seat, but couldn’t get comfortable, and the streetlights kinda shined in, so somehow I squeezed into the back of the car, and slept “comfortably” crammed next to my mountain bike. I had a “red bull hangover” quality sleep for about 6 hours. Anyways, I’ll have to make it back to Crater Lake at somepoint.

For now… I’ll be “Driving down the 101, California here I come”… 🙂

Jasper the Dog

Soo… Chinese Crested dogs are commonly voted as the “World’s Ugliest Dogs” time and time again. Mike and Kelly (my awesome Portland hosts) got one because of allergies, and it was at the pound. He is quite “different” and a little “neurotic” at times, but he’s pretty cool. Taking pictures of him was quite hard because he..

can get scared of camera flashes…

And make dinosaur faces…

But he’s pretty cool

and sometimes…

if you suprise him…

you can get some

pretty decent pictures.

Portland, Oregon (Days 44-46)

Kelly and I at the Paul Bunyan Statue

Awesome Car on Hawthorne St.


Lend a helping hand to a neighbor

Lightroom lets you make fun pictures!

Multnomah Falls! 2nd longest in the lower 48

Our cool new water bottles (Mike on right)

Cool boat on the Columbia River

Mike and Kelly

Word up


Multnomah Falls from the bridge



Mount Rainier National Park (Day 43)

I went over to the “Paradise” portion of Mount Rainier National Park. Took some pictures on the way, and hiked up nearly 5000 feet of elevation in about 5 miles to Camp Muir, a base camp for summiting Mount Rainier. Quite possibly one of the coolest hikes ever. I’m totally bringing my snowboard the next time I do it.

Mount Rainier again

Reflection Lake lives up to it’s name a few times…

Mount Adams

Mount St. Helens

This is the glacier i climbed up, one foot at a time, slipping every once in a while, and don’t take too big of steps…

That’s the “Paradise” visitor center at Mount Rainier that I started at

Don’t fall into the crevasse. Man it was kinda scary, went down 30?50? feet? I don’t know, didn’t get close enough to find out.

Mount Adams from a little higher up Mount Rainier

Mount Hood

Mount Saint Helens

Camp Muir! I made it! those crazy S.O.B.s have/will climbed to the top of Rainier.

See, i DID make it.

Clouds roll in…

I hiked through it and came out below the clouds…

Mount Rainier National Park (Day 42)

Went up to the “Sunrise” section of Mount Rainier National Park…

I didn’t caption a lot of these, but they are all in the “Sunrise” portion of the park.

Handstand at sunrise point

Mount Freemont Lookout, awesome trail, and there is the lookout!

2 days after labor day, they were using a helicopter to take stuff to/from the lookout and I got a close view!

IFR conditions


I have gone a lot of miles, even through olympic national park…

to find “Nasty” chinese food…

I’ve had to take ferries…

right hand turns…

walk on my hands at Tiger Mountain…

all the way down this…

AND this.

Luckily, on this journey I have found very important things, like these black tail deer…

this abandoned greyhound bus…

and those wonderful geeks from Penny Arcade Expo 2008 (PAX08) playing magic the gathering.

All of this has led to one course of action. To change in a bold way.

I let my hair grow a little…

And attempted to style it…

and that gave me a lovely view from seattle, 19 floors above the streets.

That was quite a tale! The REAL story is, I got to Seattle this past Wednesday and had 2.5 awesome days with Martha and the gang. (thanks guys!) Then I headed even further downtown and stayed with Dan, and enjoyed the view from the 19th floor apartment, 1 block from the convention center. Just after going to “mutton chops” for about 10 minutes, I was cleanly shaven. It’s sad, but quite nice 🙂

I think Seattle is a pretty nice place. There is lots of culture for sure… maybe too much? Only had internet for a moment, on my way to mount Rainier by way of an Oil Change!