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Heading towards Whistler

Don’t have a plan, we’ll see how it goes! Later!

Icefields to Mountain Biking in Jasper (Day 29)

Woke up at the Columbia Icefield campground, and headed up through Jasper to town. Set up camp at Whistlers Campground, and then jumped on the bike… and rode for 5? hours. Then showered, woo hoo! Headed into town, called Kristen and Home with Skype (it’s awesome!), went into a pub, got 1.5 beers, a chicken Caesar salad, and talked to some guys from Edmonton. All in all, a long, good day.

Columbia Icefield

Close up of the Icefield


Athabasca Falls, Are you “Fall”-ing for someone?

wow again

Looking downstream

Winding River in Jasper

Ahh, nice view on the bikeride

Goose, Goose, Goose, Goose, Duck?

One word… “blue”

Me like this one. Shot from the makeshift biking bridge on “overland” trail.

I was there… at least my (John’s old) bike was there.

As far as I went, before I decided I should turn back…

Wind up… (the music box) (from below) (stream)

Sun breaks through…

Green, blue, white

I like this one too…

After I was “lost”, hiked up what seemed like millions of steps with my bike, and trudging back towards the campground, I found the bridge I wanted to take a picture of originally. I was soaked, and it was still lightly raining, but this made it all worthwhile!

What’s at the END of the rainbow? A POT OF GOLD… and it’s UNDERWATER!

Have you seen something more vivid? Awesome.

Handstanded the Rainbow, for the 2nd time! (see first one in Cozumel, Mexico)

So I biked a long ways, for about 5 hours or so. The red is where I THINK I went 😛