What is going on? Day 4

I fudged the dates with blogger so that the days will stay in order. The following two post are both brand new as well! (Within the last 12 hours)

Not too much to report for day 4, and not even any pictures, except for being hungover, helping Will’s friend Emily pack her moving truck, A delicious Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard, A delicious home cooked meal from Will and Elizabeth, and the viewing of a great movie!

I’m not a movie buff, but Dark Knight was pretty amazing. Heath Ledger was outstanding, and it was just well put together. Oh yeah, and has ANYONE ever seen a movie staring Morgan Freeman that wasn’t good? He’s one of my favorite actors just because he never lets you down.

So it turns out that 3/4 of the way through the movie, the movie theatre was struck by lightning and power went out. Mildly annoying, but wasn’t too bad. I was really just totally amazed by the quality of the projection (being the geek that I am). I don’t see movies much, and certainly not at decent theatres (ones in “rural” Virginia), but this was really good quality, and used some sort of DLP projector. I will definitely have to get myself an HDTV at some point to just zone out and watch pretty things on a screen 🙂

Today I am headed off to Chicago after laundry is finished and a few errands! Thanks “Dieter” for letting me stay at your place!

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