Sleeping in Chi-Town (Day 5)

If you haven’t read the “locked out” post from earlier today, please do if you wish to laugh hysterically.

After FINALLY leaving Peoria at 4:15pm I headed out for Chicago. I still was a little paranoid about having been locked out but talked a while to Kristen and then to the family which helped level me out.


goes here. And that about sums up Illinois for the most part. Well, even the midwest. You can add in soy too, lots of that!

From a distance, Chicago was hazy (and up close) but maybe it’s just the day? Once I got closer I smelled that industrial/urine smell you smell in the elevators for the Metro in DC?

Anyways, it’s HUGE. I’ve never been here and I’m sure (as long as I’m kind of dry) tomorrow should be lots of fun 🙂

I arrived in Chicago at Dieter’s fancy little pad. It’s a brick building, but real nice inside. I think the oven hasn’t been used recently, cause the first time I tried to cook a pizza, it didn’t quite work, but 2nd time was the charm. Go figure?

Thanks to GuysEatingStuff for the shoutout. I’m going to see what I can find to eat in Chicago tomorrow…. hmmm… mmmm….

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