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They let YOU fly an airplane?!?

Yes, as a matter of fact My CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) did this morning. After a mere 27 hours in the cockpit and over 120 landings, it came the time. “Do you want to try it solo?” “Yes, why yes I do!”

1975 Cessna 150

3 Take off and Landings (Bumps and Circuits for everyone across the pond) with a full stop on each landing. Wow, I did it! Granted, I used too much flaps on my 1st and 3rd landings, but hey, I knew how to compensate, and that’s what it’s all about. The conditions on Friday were probably the calmest I’ve seen them at KBCB, and the air was incredibly stable. A great day for a first solo.

The Congratulatory Handshake After the Solo Flight