Custom Upside-Down Dirty Dicks Crab House T-Shirts

Woo hoo! 2nd sponsorship! Both seafood places, and none for any money, but I will take free things from awesome places such as free seafood or free shirts 🙂

I just got 3 Dirty Dicks Crab House T-Shirts hand delivered today! This all came to be after one of their owners contacted me on Facebook and asked:

“You did a handstand in front of dirty dick’s restaurant in the outer banks of North carolina. would you wear a Dirty Dicks t shirt if we printed it upside down for you?”

This all came to be after they discovered my handstand picture from last summer there:

They have added this picture on the top rotating banner to their website at http://dirtydickscrabs.com, check it out!

Of course the answer was YES! My family has been visiting the Outer Banks in North Carolina for years and Dirty Dicks Crab House is one of the most well known names there. I thought it was so cool. I even have a Dirty Dicks bottle opener on my keychain that I picked up from my visit last year.

In any case, I now have 3 awesome custom printed t-shirts that I can show off in some upcoming handstand pictures.

These shirts are AWESOME! Thanks!

NOTE: Don’t forget to add “crabs” to dirtydickscrabs.com because the other site might scar you for life.

Hot Springs, North Carolina

We went to Hot Springs, NC to go camping over the Memorial Day weekend and had a great time. Here are some photos.

Our friend we found:

This bunker looked like something out of LOST, was kinda crazy how much so.

As soon as we got home, it POURED, luckily we just missed it 🙂

Website Improvements

You can now:

  • Navigate through handstands by clicking the “Previous” or “Next” buttons.
  • Access the newest handstands from the homepage.

Ben Folds & “NoDa” – Charlotte, NC

Our weekend in Charlotte was great because I got to get off the computer, and went somewhere new. I haven’t done either of those in a while so it was very appreciated.

Friday night entailed the “ditch a car in a parking lot and hope no one tows you game”, followed by a Ben Folds show at the Fillmore. The Ben Folds show as AWESOME. I have seen him twice before in Blacksburg, VA and then later that week in Charlottesville, VA when he was with a full band and was blown away. This past show was Ben Folds playing solo. It was definitely different, but was not disappointing. The highlight is definitely the fact that we were the first crowd he ever tried Chatroulette with :-). He put his laptop on top of his piano and then logged into this random video chat program called Chatroulette. Here is the video he recorded on his computer that has gotten millions of views on YouTube:

Now that Ben Folds show was a complete success, we only had one other “must do” item for the weekend. That was to hit up Cabo Fish Taco, one of our favorite dining establishments in Blacksburg, VA that we knew had a second location in Charlotte. The Charlotte Cabo was just as awesome as the one in Blacksburg, and their margaritas were just as good too. The time we spent in the North Davidson (“NoDa”) district of Charlotte was our favorite. I even tweeted about it.

Because I was more in relax mode I didn’t carry my camera around with me at all during the weekend. What this meant was no handstand picture… I realized this before I left town, so I went ahead and pulled off on a random street while it was raining and did one. I hope to return to Charlotte and get a cool handstand in “NoDa”, but for now I have a handstand in Charlotte!

Lost Handstand Found! – Natural Bridge

The Handstands in Virginia were looking a little thin, so I looked into it and found that I was missing a Handstand from Natural Bridge! Sweet!

Table Rock Summit – Pickens, South Carolina

New Handstands from Table Rock State Park in South Carolina!